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17th August 2018

Our expertise extends further than you think

igroup have been providing managed Azure for customers since 2010 and have seen Azure change quite considerably.

We were one of the first companies globally to host and support SharePoint for customers in Azure and today support and manage more than 150 virtual machines utilising more than 300 processors, 2 Petabytes of memory and 200 Terabytes of storage across 6 Azure regions/data centres for our customers.

With that experience, we’ve learnt a thing or two about Azure and about managing the infrastructure on Azure which allows us to provide a stable cost environment and optimised performance.

Did you know: The usage cost for Azure services isn’t the same in every region, and in fact differs amongst most regions, even within the same continent/country. When choosing a region for your Azure services, cost/budget should also be considered.

We’ve helped lots of businesses who provide software solutions who are looking into a hosted version of their solution.

Acronym  Title  Description 
SaaS  Software as a Service SaaS is pure software which is hosted for you on Azure for which you can consume either directly as an end user or API for a bespoke application. Typically for Azure, these are API’s which can be consumed by your own software such as Cortana APIs.
PaaS  Platform as a Service PaaS are platforms which are hosted for you on Azure for you to consume, however, some management of the platform is performed by you such as backups or deployments. Web Sites and SQL Azure are examples of PaaS on Azure.
IaaS  Infrastructure as a Service IaaS is infrastructure components which you can create and manage which allows you to build and manage your own infrastructure on top of Azure for your hosting needs. Typical examples of IaaS on Azure are Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks.


Our expertise

The team at igroup supports many customers who offer a software as a service ranging from providing automated business analytics, charities, recycling waste, manufacturing software, hosting companies, and marketing agencies to name a few.

It is an attractive solution to businesses because it enables businesses to utilise software without underlying physical/virtual infrastructure and services for them to manage and maintain and is paid for as a subscription or by a PAYG model based on usage.

Our Azure team will spend time evaluating your situation and requirements, considering the application itself, storage, costs, scaling requirements, etc.

They’ll provide the best route to move your service to the cloud using PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS in Azure and deliver a resilient environment suited to your business.

Once you’ve moved to the cloud, we’ll continue to support and optimise your environment taking away spikes or organic increasing in costs.

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