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We provide consultancy and implementation services around AWS and Azure

We know cloud

In fact, we built CAMS to scale and repeat our knowledge for all our customers. Automating cloud management with plug and play technology for AWS and Azure.

We are experts in delivering Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure for customers of all business sizes and markets. Using our CAMS technology, we manage the cloud for customers of all business sizes and industries. We have customers throughout the world. 

Since 2010, igroup has supported companies as they have moved to the cloud. If you want to find out more about our history, read more here.

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AWS & Azure cloud services that support your business growth

Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure are trusted by thousands of companies across the world to deliver a fully integrated set of Infrastructures as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities.

Whether you are in the process of migrating your infrastructure and applications to the cloud for the first time or need to find a reliable partner to manage and improve your existing deployment, the fully certified consultancy team at igroup can help. By understanding your goals and objectives, igroup will specify and manage an environment which will grow with your business.

AWS & Azure services

We provide a number of services around the AWS & Azure technology stack. Our teams are certified on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure and can help you implement, maintain and improve your cloud infrastructure. 

All of our cloud services are underpinned by our CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) software which allows us to deliver a wide range of services through automation.

Working with AWS or Azure and need a cloud assessment?

We have the hard-won experience of working with hundreds of Azure environments. 

We can help give you a second opinion and the support that you need. 

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Our experienced consultants analyse, plan, deploy and support the infrastructure which improves business performance and reduces costs.

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Cost Management (CAMS)

Utilising our bespoke CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) we help you manage costs and improve performance.

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Our certified consultants develop the right architecture so together we can deploy your infrastructure and applications to the cloud effectively.

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Our security specialists will protect your data, applications and infrastructure by configuring and managing the built-in security services available with the cloud and complementing them with monitoring and risk logging from CAMS.

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We deliver a fully managed AWS and Azure migration service to help your organisation move essential applications and data to the cloud.

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Managed Services

With a customisable cost-effective range of AWS and Azure management and support services we reduce uncertainty and help you maximise the value of your cloud infrastructure.

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We plan and implement the smooth delivery of your infrastructure, services and applications to the cloud with the minimum of business disruption.

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SharePoint from a leading UK Gold Partner

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful content management and collaboration platform which helps your teams store, find and share information. Information can be accessed from anywhere, seamlessly, which increases productivity and business performance.

igroup has been supporting and hosting SharePoint since 2007. Our specialist team work with you to understand your business needs and critical systems to ensure that SharePoint delivers the benefits you expect.

Companies we have helped

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You're not going to get voicemail or a menu. Your email isn't going into the electronic abyss never to be seen again. At igroup Steve, Dan, Garry or Chris will be in touch within one working day. 

"Moving our Azure resources over to igroup was our main initial concern, but their skill and regular communication ensured the process went smoothly. Unlike other companies we've spoken to, we felt unrushed and that they fully understood our business specific concerns."
Tom Gullen
Founder, Scirra Ltd

Key Benefits

  • Save money on your AWS and Azure costs 
  • Stronger SLA's than AWS and Azure 
  • Inbuilt security and monitoring 
  • Plug and play, complement or outsource cloud management
  • The team has over 50 years of experience in AWS & Azure