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Amazon AWS Articles

The articles here are focused on AWS. To see more articles about Azure and general cloud articles then visit our articles & whitepapers page

You will find interesting articles on a range of topics from migration to implementation to ongoing maintenance and cost control, all specifically related to AWS. 

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Why consider an AWS hybrid cloud option?

AWS hybrid cloud comprises of an on-premise dedicated server, a private cloud, blended with the use of the Amazon Public Cloud (AWS), they are then linked.

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Choosing Between AWS and Azure

How do you compare cloud providers? We look at familiarity, support, marketplace, SDK's and Cost...

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SaaS, PaaS, IaaS expertise in AWS

igroup has provided managed cloud services for customers since 2010, and AWS since 2015 and have seen the cloud change quite considerably in that time.

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The right advice to move to AWS prevents issues later

The right advice to move to AWS prevents issues
1. Forgetting to create a cloud strategy
2. Rushing the migration
3. Spiralling Costs
4. Data Security

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The Cloud in the Renewable energy sector

Using flexible resources in Amazon AWS, energy companies can analyse usage data and use the insight they gain to drive improvements and reduce costs.

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Why Monitoring Reduces AWS Costs and Maintain Performance

Why is it that the cost of virtualisation can increase over time while performance can fall below expectations? How do you combat this?

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The steps to a successful deployment in the Amazon Cloud

The steps to a successful deployment in the Amazon Cloud
1. Assessment
2. Planning
3. Execution
4. Support and Management

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