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All our cloud articles with information about AWS & Azure topics. If you have an area you want to know more about and it's not listed then please feel free to get in touch

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What are the top Cloud Computing trends for AWS and Azure in 2022/23?

What are the key trends for cloud technology over the next 18 months? What is going to affect your cloud deployments in the UK as well as around the world. 

There is absolutely no doubt that the cloud market is still on the rise, with recent reports indicating that the global cloud computing market size is set to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 16% by 2026. User spending on cloud services is also expected to increase by around 21.7% in 2022.

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How to Succeed with
Single Sign-On in the AWS & Azure Cloud

In our latest article, we explore how single sign-on (SSO) works in the cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure customers, as well as the pros and cons of using the technology.
We also provide guidance for how to succeed with single sign-on in the cloud when implementing this technology for your own business.

Migrating mission-critical applications and business processes to the cloud is a complex challenge that comes with a great deal of uncertainty.

In this article, we explore key considerations, provide guidance for managing the associated risks, and help you understand how to succeed with your own cloud migration.

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Cloud security is a complex challenge that most businesses still underestimate. A common mistake after investing in a cloud management service is to then approach security in the same way they would with their IT systems of the past.
But the cloud is an entirely new and unique concept, which requires a specialist approach to security and maintenance, as this article will explore in detail.

Cloud is everywhere, the recent events worldwide have led to many cloud implementations being accelerated / expanded to facilitate home working or make an organization more flexible in a changing environment.

This article aims to outline the support plan options available from the cloud providers themselves and their partners Then ask the questions you have, in how it relates to you and your needs for the short or long term.

New to the cloud? Here's what you need to know about AWS & Azure

In this series 'new to the cloud' we explore the background of cloud implementation and what you need to consider in the short and long term.
This article collects everything we have written about cloud migrations and cloud partners. 

How do I Gain a Clear View of Costs in AWS and Azure & Stop Getting Surprises?

The cloud has grown to become an integral part of modern business, facilitating greater agility, flexibility, speed, and innovation. But the subscription service model is something which causes many organisations significant problems with unpredictable costs and unnecessary over-spending.

Introducing Cloud Technology to Your Business and How to Make it as Stress-Free as Possible

Whilst the technology and capabilities of the cloud are constantly changing and improving, there can be a lack of understanding when it comes to how the process works and how it differs from previous on-site infrastructures available.

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How to maintain a Managed Cloud Service Without Spending an Arm and a Leg

Cloud-based IT infrastructure can be notoriously difficult to maintain, as it’s a complex and ever-changing technology. One common challenge many businesses face, as a result of this, is significant over-spendingIn this article, we explain how to maintain a managed cloud service efficiently and effectively while keeping costs under control.

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What are Data Centre Tiers?

What are Data Centre Tiers? With the Microsoft cloud, it's possible to secure a better SLA than with a traditional data centre. Find out more!

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Why working with a certified partner protects your cloud

Working with a cloud partner gives you access to their specialist knowledge gained by working with many customers across Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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How to find out if your cloud partner is properly certified

Choosing an underqualified consultant to plan and deploy your Cloud infrastructure in Azure or AWS can result in performance and cost issues.

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Secrets of Azure & AWS Costs that IT Companies wont tell you

Do you run a business that was promised huge IT cost savings by moving to the cloud? Find out about the hidden costs and how we can help you avoid them.

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Control your cloud costs to reduce your IT budget

We work with customers with different workloads across AWS & Azure. This experience helps us save you money as we can optimise your cloud environment.

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4 things to look for when selecting a cloud vendor

Reduce the risk to your business of migrating to the cloud. Read our guide to selecting a cloud vendor to support your transformation project.

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5 Steps to a Pain Free Cloud in AWS & Azure

The process of migrating to Azure or AWS can bring some challenges if proper planning is not undertaken. Our 5 step guide lists the core things to consider

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Benefits of Using a Third Party to Manage Your Cloud

The benefits can include, strategic support, reduced costs in managing the cloud (staffing, training), cost savings from resource management...

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Deploying to a public cloud requires specialist help

Cloud is here to stay with on-demand scaling and access from anywhere, but how do you ensure a smooth transition for your custom application...

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Without a specialist cloud partner, you’re missing out

Without a properly qualified cloud partner for Azure or AWS, your application hosting is probably underperforming and costing far more than it should.

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Why Single Sign On Matters

As more of your business’ data is stored remotely, security and access are important. Single Sign On (SSO) has become critical to link apps together

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What are virtual machines?

What is a Virtual Machine (VM)?
A virtual machine is a software implementation of a physical computer – generally a replacement for an on-premise server

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Why consider an AWS hybrid cloud option?

Increasing resources being used/paid for can be a major problem for businesses and is something that needs to be managed to protect your cash flow.

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igroup publishes server hosting research

UK-based Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure partner igroup ltd has published a white paper examining the global server market for businesses

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