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Business Uninterrupted at igroup

At igroup, we work in an agile remote-working environment across our three offices, making us ideally placed to provide all services to new and current clients. Working from home practices are a normal part of our business operations.

Switching to a remote-work setup is not easy. However, the rewards can be great.  Dr Tim Gregory from Bristol University tweeted that, “When Cambridge University temporarily shut down in 1665 because of the bubonic plague, Isaac Newton invented calculus and devised his law of gravitation while working from home!”

We have managed to smash our SLAs on hitting our NHS tickets, a crucial service to us all at this time.

In order to stay connected as a team, we have put a variety of new initiatives in place. From a daily virtual coffee break to our weekly Friday quiz, even ex-employees and contractors are regularly joining our social get togethers.

Although remote working is not possible in all sectors and we don’t want to self-isolate for ever, the coronavirus outbreak is teaching us that flexibility and adaptation are key.