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Yammer integrated into Office 365

4th February 2016

Microsoft has added Yammer to all Office 365 tennants
This week Microsoft has announced that Yammer will be rolling out to all Office 365 tennancies to improve communication and information sharing between colleagues.

Smaller organisations with up to 150 seats will be the first to benefit from the rollout which runs through until April 1st, while larger enterprise users will need to wait until later, although they’ll benefit from a smoother process as any bugs with the launch are ironed out.

Yammer provides a corporate social network system that allows for colleagues to share content and create discussions in a controlled environment.  Microsoft bought the technology in 2012 for $1.2 Billion, and has gradually integrated it with other products including SharePoint as part of their wider strategy to aid collaboration in the workplace.

How do I Get Yammer in Office 365?

Nothing!  The whole process is automatic, and Yammer will become an option in your Office 365 management console that IT Managers will be able to roll out to staff in their own time.

When do I get Yammer in Office 365?

The rollout of Yammer has already started – when it’s available you’ll have the option to enable it in Office 365 for staff that need the functionality.  The roll out is scheduled to run in 3 waves between now and April 1, and Microsoft’s plan is to provide it to smaller tenants first before enabling it for Enterprise customers with 5000 seats and above as the final group.

How much does Yammer cost in Office 365?

According to Microsoft, there’s no additional fees to enable Yammer for staff – it is offered as part of your existing subscription.

My Organisation doesn’t want to use Yammer.

That’s fine, it’s an optional extension to Office 365, and can be enabled for different groups of users depending on your company’s needs and policies through the Office 365 portal.

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