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Report recommends Office 365 with SharePoint for features and security

28th November 2013

Report recommends Office 365 with SharePoint for features and security

A new report from UK-based SharePoint firm igroup suggests that Office 365 with SharePoint provides the most secure environment and the best user experience of current cloud-based collaboration platforms. ‘Collaborative Working 2013’ [PDF] argues that, whilst Google Drive offers a basic level of collaboration for workers through online editing and cloud storage, it does not provide the level of control and security required for larger organisations.

The report suggests that Microsoft’s dominance in the collaborative working market comes from its experience of meeting the needs of enterprise users and developing its productivity offering over a longer period of time. Microsoft’s Office productivity suite was first launched in 1990 and whilst Google’s has offered a cloud-based solution for longer, Microsoft still has a great deal more experience of providing office productivity software.

Collaborative working platforms are becoming an important requirement for businesses, as partners and clients require online access to work and increasing numbers of employees are working remotely. Indeed, research by Global Workplace Analytics showed that the total population of remote workers in the USA exceeded 3 million in 2011 and continued to grow into 2012 and beyond.

Collaborative Working 2013 outlines a number of areas in which Office 365 with SharePoint may provide a more suitable solution that Google Drive for businesses considering collaborative working platforms, including storage, document ownership, document curation, extensibility and process automation. It notes that mobile users of both Office 365 with SharePoint and Google Drive are limited by current devices by screen size in particular.

Both Microsoft and Google will continue to develop their offerings – and for smaller businesses in particular, Google Drive offers a functional and cost effective platform for collaboration. For larger businesses – in particular at enterprise level – and for those already running a Microsoft ecosystem, it is likely that Office 365 and SharePoint will be the most suitable choice.

Download ‘Collaborative Working 2013’.

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