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Red Hat Linux Comes to Azure

22nd February 2016

Following on from Microsoft’s partnership with Red Hat, Azure users now have the option of installing the enterprise distribution of Linux onto Azure – increasing the flexibility of the platform.

Red Hat isn’t the first linux distribution to be made available through the Azure store – users already have the option of CentOS and OpenSUSE – but its arrival does mean that customers wanting richer support for the application can now benefit from the additional enterprise level support that the company offers – particularly important for security purposes.

Subscription and Pricing

The close partnership between Microsoft and Red Hat means that users can manage their subscription simply through the standard Azure store, and billing is based on the standard hourly rates model.

Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on each Azure virtual machine with up to 4 cores will cost £0.0367 per hour (£26.79 per month), while installing on a machine with more than 4 cores will cost £0.0795 per hour (£55.04 per month).  The subscription offers the usual level of support that Red Hat offer to enterprise customers.

Azure Container Service

As part of the same announcement, Microsoft also confirmed that they are rolling out the new Azure Container Service to customers.  This system enables a broader set of Open Source software packages to be run within Azure through the normal dashboard.

Thinking About Upgrading Your Cloud?

The availability of Red Hat means that more business systems will be able to run in Azure while also retaining the support and security required for compliance.  If you’d like to talk to one of our consultants about how igroup can help your business migrate to Azure, and take advantage of our unique Cloud Control platform that saves you up to 33% on standard Virtual Machine costs, please contact us today by calling 0203 697 0302.

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