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Microsoft Lync: Enterprise leader in voice

7th November 2013

Enterprise firms are choosing Lync over its competitors

According to Microsoft, it is now shipping more enterprise voice lines than any other company. The claim is made in a recent blog post by BJ Haberkorn, the company’s Director of Lync Product Marketing. Haberkorn states: “This year, almost 60% of enterprises (500+ seats) surveyed are deploying or planning to deploy Lync, including enterprise voice, up from 45% last year.”

The is some discussion as to the full veracity of the claim, with Eric Krapf using an article on No Jitter to break apart the figures in detail. One thing everyone does agree on, though, is that Lync is a hugely successful product for Microsoft.

Microsoft says that the long-term growth in popularity of Lync is due to the extra functionality and lower costs that it and other Internet based voice tools can offer. It is also likely that its integration with SharePoint has been a significant factor. SharePoint was Microsoft’s fastest growing product until Office 365.

The figures aren’t just testament to the virtues of Lync, but are indicative of an increasing trend towards software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based applications. Microsoft itself is a good example of this with SharePoint and Office, both of which were traditionally on-premise software packages, now being offered as online versions.

The news is also notable because it affirms Lync as a viable alternative to the common private branch exchange (PBX) systems offered by Avaya, Cisco, Mitel et al. Haberkorn says: “We know not all companies move at the same speed and that it’s rare for a company to rip out every legacy PBX at the same time, but the case studies and the market data show that companies are moving to Lync in increasing numbers as their primary communications solution – including voice.”

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