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Why working with a certified partner protects your cloud investment

It has long been recognised that moving infrastructure and applications to the cloud can give a multitude of both tangible and intangible benefits. However, many companies fail to protect their investment and do not seek the support of a certified expert. Both Microsoft and Amazon have stringent accreditation programmes that upskill specialists in the relevant platform and validate their knowledge through qualifications.

These accreditations have been designed so companies looking for support in planning and deploying a cloud solution can confirm that a chosen partner is experienced in the platform and the needs of the project.

Over the past decade, more and more companies have invested in cloud-based infrastructure. Many businesses have almost immediately seen the benefits of moving to the cloud but for others, implementing a solution using their in-house team or the wrong support partner has meant that moving to the cloud has failed to deliver the expected benefits.

There are straightforward benefits to choosing to work with an established and accredited cloud partner whether you are planning your cloud migration or already have virtualised infrastructure and need to improve how it is delivered.

Access to Specialist Knowledge and Experience

Both Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS provide a series of certification courses that are designed to test the platform knowledge of the consultants as well as their experience of planning and deploying solutions for customers in the field.

These certifications are not just a matter of filling in a few forms to achieve accreditation but require a great deal of financial and time investment by the cloud services provider. They need to demonstrate experience of Azure or AWS, solve problems and also be able to add value to the solution.

These qualifications demonstrate that a specialist has the skillset to ensure that a move to the cloud is implemented correctly, follows a specified plan, causes the minimum of business disruption, and is completed on time and to budget.


Migrating to AWS can be very disruptive to a business and even when planned correctly there will always be things that have been missed. When moving to the cloud, having additional experienced resources available quickly can ensure that your project stays on budget.

Certified partners will have team members with specific skills that address different aspects of your cloud migration allowing them to quickly identify and resolve problems and protect your investment.

Support 24/7 tailored to your requirements

A certified partner for your cloud projects will offer an ongoing support package that can be managed to dovetail with your internal team and avoid skills gaps that are detrimental to performance.

Depending on your requirements, this can be proactive or reactive support but will be there to resolve problems before they become a major issue. Having this resource available 24/7 reduces downtime and end-users will experience fewer access issues.

Proactive cloud management and consultancy

As certified partners for both Amazon and Microsoft, we are required to keep our skills up to date to maintain our certification and ensure that we provide the best possible advice to our clients. Our team keep up to date with the latest developments in both AWS and Azure to provide guidance about how different services can be deployed to improve the performance of your infrastructure.

Proactive AWS support means that your own in-house IT team can focus on your applications and do not need to worry about infrastructure.  Our team are available to provide advice about compatibility and how application architecture can be optimised for the cloud.

Optimisation and cost management

The ease with which new virtual machines can be provisioned means that infrastructure costs can quickly rise, and you end up paying for resources that are significantly underused.

Our CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) provides detailed financial and usage information about your deployment that can be used to determine whether there are opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency. If you would like to talk to one of our certified experts about how we can help you protect your cloud investment contact us for more information

CAMS has been specifically developed to:

  • Support the delivery of business critical services and applications in the cloud
  • Enhance your own services and teams with additional resources and skills
  • Maximise the performance and manage costs of cloud operations
  • Provide proactive support and management of your cloud

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