Is SharePoint the Best Intranet Platform for your business?

With full integration with Microsoft Office, the ability to customise the user interface, and a range of extended functionality, SharePoint is the right choice for most businesses.

A custom intranet can help make your business run more efficiently by making information more accessible and act as a central hub for your organisation.  With the right solution, almost all departments can have access to effective workflows and tools to make their work more streamlined.  Thanks to its integration with Office and extensibility, SharePoint is the best intranet platform for most businesses.

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Intranet Software Options

The decision you make about what platform to build your intranet on is core to how successful it will be.  You need to consider how it will be used, what functions it needs to offer staff, and how it will integrate into your other systems and reporting.

In most cases, an off the shelf SharePoint Intranet solution with some customisation to meet your needs is sufficient, but it is also possible to have something built from scratch that is designed just for you.

Did You Know

Straightforward integration with your other software means a shorter learning curve and increased adoption.

Aside from SharePoint, options include well known software such as:

  • Jostle
  • Sitecore
  • Confluence
  • Liferay

These platforms all have their own advantages and have been developed to excel in specific areas such as content management or reporting, and have some integration with most software, however one area where they fall down is in their integration with Microsoft Office.

As the pre-eminent productivity suite, Microsoft Office and Office 365 are used by most workers to create and manage content.  The relationship between SharePoint and Office is a massive benefit and avoids the need to adopt complex workarounds that can undermine adoption.

SharePoint shares a common interface with other Microsoft products, meaning that there is no steep learning curve for the platform, and thanks to compatibility with Teams, it is well suited to modern remote working needs as well as traditional workplaces.

An Experienced, Reliable Partner

Your decision about which Intranet platform is right for your business will always involve some degree of compromise, however with an experienced development partner in place who takes the time to understand your objectives and business needs, any platform can be adapted to meet your needs.

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92% Satisfaction rate from existing customers

Ultimately, the best intranet platform is the one that can best meet your evolving needs as a business.

Thanks to our experience in working with clients to realise their goals, we can build SharePoint intranets that are fully customised and include a range of functionality that allows them to improve workflows and internal reporting of management information.

In most cases, the best intranet platform is the one that helps staff work together better.  Thanks to our experience, we believe that in most cases, this is SharePoint.

Help to build an intranet for your organisation

We have experience of all versions of SharePoint from 2003 onwards and our team are all fully qualified Microsoft Certified professionals.  With more than 15 years’ experience, we have developed bespoke SharePoint intranets for clients of all sizes from small businesses through to global organisations.

As specialists, we can help you at all stages of developing and managing your intranet including:

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