SharePoint Consultants

An Experienced SharePoint consultant makes a significant difference to the success of any project.

Key Benefits of igroup’s Approach

Our SharePoint Consultants have worked with businesses of all sizes to help them at all stages of the SharePoint adoption process.  From initial planning of a project through to ongoing support, we have the experience to help get more from the platform and maximise benefits.

  • More than 10 Years Experience of all versions of SharePoint Server and Online
  • More than 10 years as a Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Fully certified UK based team of SharePoint Consultants
  • Project Management Service
  • Support from planning and implementation through to upgrades and extra functionality

To find out more about how working with igroup’s team of skilled Consultants can help your business get more from SharePoint, please contact a member of our team today on 0203 697 0302 or fill in your details below and we will call you back.

Did you know?

SharePoint can be used for simple document management, or extended with additional tools and services to offer a full intranet system that can make staff more productive and efficient wherever they are.

The introduction of SharePoint to business processes can be transformative to an organisation.  From improving and simplifying the flow of information as an intranet through to controlling the processes that make the business run efficiently, depending on how it has been configured, SharePoint can touch many areas.

Organisations that use SharePoint do so in different ways, and in some cases, require complex functionality to achieve their goals.  Bringing on board a SharePoint Consultant to help with the planning and implementation of SharePoint is valuable and can make a significant difference to the success of any project.

SharePoint Consultancy Services

SharePoint has been a key part of the Microsoft Productivity suite since the first versions of the software were introduced in 2001 and is used by more than 200,000 organisations globally.  It is used in a multitude of different ways, from simple file storage through to complex workflow driven process management.  As a result of this diversity, it’s essential that any SharePoint specialist is adaptable to the needs of client organisations and can provide the right level of advice and support at all stages of adoption.  igroup’s SharePoint consultants provide full lifecycle support to clients including:

SharePoint Planning Consultancy

Whether an organisation is looking to introduce SharePoint for the first time, develop an intranet, or extend the functionality and integrationt with other services such as Office 365 or Microsoft Teams, igroup can help.

In our planning consultancy, the team review all the business objectives to determine the best way forward and work to create a roadmap for how the software can be deployed.

SharePoint Architecture Consultancy

From a first planning meeting to discuss the project goals, igroup’s consultants bring valuable skills that support internal teams in creating the architecture for your SharePoint Project.

Having worked with organisations globally, igroup are able to bring their experience to bear on the specifics of a project and to develop the underlying architecture and specification that will form the basis of the application.  Our SharePoint consultants work closely with internal stakeholders to prioritise the areas which can be delivered within a project budget.

SharePoint Migration Consultancy

As new versions of SharePoint are released, additional features become available that can extend the functionality of SharePoint, however due to the way in which businesses build on the basic platform, upgrades are rarely simple, and work is often required to maintain compatibility of any extensions.

Having worked through multiple upgrade and migration cycles with our clients, igroup’s SharePoint consultants are well versed in the process of testing for compatibility and planning the migration of data from one version of the platform to another.  They can support your move to a cloud-based version such as SharePoint Online and advice on any development required to ensure success.

SharePoint Infrastructure Consultancy

SharePoint hosting, whether in a cloud environment or on legacy hardware requires regular reviews to ensure that performance is maintained, and that capacity is appropriate to usage.

As cloud specialists, igroup can advise on the virtualisation of SharePoint into Microsoft Azure or other cloud solutions, and aid in the process of creating infrastructure specifications that meet business needs.

Our work in this area includes considerations around security, business continuity and scalability so that the changes that are put in place have long term benefits for performance and cost effectiveness.

If your business needs advice or support about SharePoint, and you would benefit from the advice of a specialist SharePoint Consultant, please contact us today on 0203 697 0302, or request a call back from a member of our team.

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