Microsoft SharePoint Consultants

  • Plan and specify a successful SharePoint project
  • Integrate SharePoint with other systems
  • Access expertise in upgrading existing SharePoint deployments

igroup SharePoint consultancy services

Our expert, UK based, SharePoint consultancy team will work with you to ensure a comprehensive plan and specification is created that maximises the benefits from SharePoint and delivers a significant return on investment.

By selecting igroup as your SharePoint partner you will benefit from:

  • A UK based certified Gold Partner
  • Reduced development and deployment time
  • Years of technical and practical knowledge supporting your business
  • Significant financial savings and improved ROI

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How we work

As a Microsoft Gold Partner igroup follows the Microsoft recommended approach for architecting SharePoint environments by employing a two phase process.

Specification workshops

A critical part of ensuring SharePoint meets your expectations is to ensure that the initial specification is right.  This creates a blueprint for the deployment. We hold a stakeholder workshops to identify:

  • Business objectives and project goals
  • Stakeholder responsibilities
  • Existing collaboration practices
  • Current IT systems and integration with SharePoint
  • Operational performance enhancements

igroup consultants will then use this information to prepare a detailed specification which will be used to plan your SharePoint deployment.

Planning services

Our consultancy team will use the specification to create a planning blueprint for your SharePoint deployment which will include a detailed roadmap for the process of delivering of your project:

  • Requirements matched to SharePoint features
  • Outline of resource requirements
  • Technical requirements
  • Timings and stage objectives
  • Project breakdown by key milestones

Throughout the process, we will agree a set of project key performance indicators for the SharePoint deployment which will be regularly measured.

Why work with igroup

As a Microsoft Gold Partner we understand the issues faced by companies deploying to SharePoint for the first time or upgrading their existing solution.

We want to ensure that your SharePoint solution benefits your business today and tomorrow which is why our consultancy teams will ensure that by working with igroup you have:

  • A summary of your SharePoint requirements
  • A step by step guide to the proposed deployment
  • An architectural specification for your SharePoint
  • Details of functions and features
  • Security and access plans

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