SharePoint Support
Guidance for SharePoint Security

Security is a hot topic – think about last week’s WannaCrypt attack. Many businesses around the world were victims, affecting over 100,000 machines in 100 countries within 24 hours. Protecting data, whether On-Premises or via the cloud, is on every organisation’s agenda. In March this year, Microsoft released a[…]

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Fixes for your main bugbears in SharePoint

Managing SharePoint support for over 100 clients, our expert team have learnt that most SharePoint Support issues have these causes: Incompatible Plug Ins Insufficient Server Capacity Search and Indexing Issues Coding Errors   Sluggish SharePoint Most of our clients are alerted to SharePoint problems by an unexplained drop[…]

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Diagnosing problems with SharePoint

Over time, SharePoint installations can become more complex.  As different members of teams add folders, or the nature of the business changes, the overall structure of a SharePoint deployment will change to reflect business needs.  In some cases, this can lead to issues being faced by staff as they work with[…]

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