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Designing Azure architecture with resilience in mind

The way in which your applications and data is hosted is essential in ensuring they are accessible when needed.  Our Azure architecture specialists provide comprehensive consultancy and advice through the planning and deployment process to ensure that you infrastructure is correctly provisioned to meet your business’ needs.

Planning for the unknown

How often do you see a global website down like Google or the BBC? Or hear of a large business crippled because their servers are down?

If you said rarely, you’d be right.  But why is that?

Creating resilience within infrastructure means designing for failure.

Large corporate businesses have incorporated resilience plans into policies for decades and it’s no different when thinking about IaaS either – the way in which a cloud environment is configured plays a huge role in it’s reliability.  That’s why planning for the unknown when developing Azure architecture is so essential.

The lack of failure cases has meant that small to medium businesses either don’t perceive it as a problem or if they are aware, don’t think it will affect them.

The cyber-attack last year that affected FedEx and the NHS is a typical example of a lack of resilience on a large scale.

The incident affected one-third of NHS hospital trusts in England along with other primary care organisations and 8% of GP practices.

It did have resilience plans to continue delivering its high priority services, by enacting its ‘mutual aid’ process, allowing A&E units to divert to other A&E units and prioritising appointments for high-risk patients.

But it clearly wasn’t enough. As William Smart, Chief Information Officer for Health and Social Care says in his ‘lessons learnt’ report, “It is not a question of “if” but “when” the next cyber attack occurs.”

He states, “additional recommendations that, together, will strengthen the resilience and preparedness of the health and social care system against future cyber attacks.”

Intelligent approach to Azure Architecture

When you design Azure Architecture with resilience in mind, you create a fall-back model that ensures you have the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties such as downtime.

It also ensures minimal disruption to your employees and business.

Putting a resilience plan in place has other benefits too.  It helps you take the right steps towards building scalability, capacity, and security.

Did you know: Microsoft Azure provide very impressive SLA’s, however, none of them are 100%, the best is 99.99% (or four nines) for a handful of services which is approximately 5 minutes of downtime per month.

Why choose igroup

We’re Microsoft Gold Partners specialising in the Cloud Platform and our Azure Experts team have deployed multiple applications into cloud environments.

We’ve developed bespoke azure architecture for global insurance companies, manufacturing companies, and data intelligence companies to name but a few.  Our team specialise in building resilient Azure environments that deliver performance within the given budget.

Our team will spend time with you uncovering your business needs to ensure your resilience plan is incorporated into your Azure migration and architecture and covers you for now and your planned future with high quality Azure support backed by industry leading SLAs.

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