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Azure Capacity Planning Explained

The devil is in the detail.

Azure capacity planning is fundamental when IT departments are planning cloud infrastructure.  However familiar though, it’s still an area that can catch IT budget holders out.

It’s a difficult mindset to change once you’ve grasped that capacity planning for the cloud is all about forecasting usage and very little about hardware specification.

You no longer need to initially scale for the “what ifs”, but you do need to plan for them in your capacity plan.

Azure Capacity Planning helps your business create a more effective cloud platform without excessive costs.Example.  If you’re an online retailer or service provider, your business is very likely to experience seasonal sales, whether that’s holiday shopping, sports and events driven, or new product releases.

Managing that in a physical environment on premise, your hardware might have been considered for a three-year life plan, maybe handling other workloads not related to its primary purpose and was probably part of a CapEx expenditure.

The line costs could even be bundled on an invoice alongside other costs but that didn’t matter.

Identifying Needs for Azure Capacity Planning

In the cloud, every aspect of your infrastructure needs to be identified.

The cloud is all about scalability.  It is, after all, one of it’s biggest benefits allowing you to grow and reduce as your business needs and truly only pay for what you need.

Did you know: Azure pricing can change every month affecting your monthly billing.  By choosing Azure with igroup, your pricing is caped for the duration of your 1, 2 or 3-year contract, eliminating spikes in your billing.

Consider licenses, storage growth and location, compute power and performance requirements – the list is vast.  And unfortunately, doubling up is surprisingly rarely the answer.

Nobody likes wasting money – get it right first time

If you want to achieve a cost-effective and efficient cloud environment, you will need to consider outside help during the process of Azure Capacity Planning – whether that’s seeking advice or outsourcing the work – to ensure you’re not caught out.

The buying model is a complex process that’s far from linear.

Did you know: Cloud services have limits. The services and configuration deployed initially may not support the scalability you need when you require it.

Choosing to use an accredited service provider removes the risk of unforeseen changes incurring time and cost to your business.

You immediately benefit from the experience of a team who not only understand all the combinations and pricing structures when building IaaS environments.  You also know the questions to ask helping build a clear picture of your businesses requirements.

Why choose igroup for Azure Capacity Planning

Azure capacity planning is also not a one-off task – it needs to be addressed regularly.  Hardware specification prices change monthly. If you’re only managing this for one environment, it becomes difficult to stay abreast of what options are best.

The cloud team at igroup have been managing cloud environments since Microsoft launched Azure in 2010 and AWS since 2016. They manage many environments and stay up to date with the continual changes in the pricing model.

It’s the team that makes igroup a reliable provider too.  Our strength in the longevity of team members and their wealth of cloud IaaS experience.

We manage your environment as if it was our own.

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