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How we learnt to save money in Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform (in its true sense, not just a buzzword) for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services.

But it’s a complicated beast to set up and manage. The Azure pricing landscape is a constantly changing structure with lots of new features.

If you get it wrong at the beginning, then you might never achieve optimum performance within your expected budget.

So how have igroup managed to save money in Azure?

It all started in 2012. We were receiving more and more repeat requests related to managing and maintenance in Azure.

As with all good teams, ours set out to bring together all the requests, reports and procedures they’d been dealing with, to create Cloud Control, a bespoke piece of software that enabled us to achieve two things.

First, ensure we deliver a whole solution to every customer, and second, to make that task repeatable.

It was a fantastic success.

In 2017, we spotted another pattern developing. Azure costs growing exponentially. Ironically, we’d already solved the problem for our own Azure accounts before it even occurred with our own management of Azure.

We set out again to create another solution that enabled us to save money in Azure by tracking and analysing usage, along with an Azure Cloud Architecture Assessment process that provided recommendations to infrastructure changes and areas in which savings could be achieved.

Every time we’ve applied our solution to an environment for a business, our Azure Experts have been able to reduce around a staggering 30% of their annual Azure costs.

Yes. Saved 30% of Azure costs.

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