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Why a CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) is the Best Option for Managing Your AWS Hosting

What do you need from a good AWS hosting provider? Ideally, you want a provider who will keep up-to-date with all the latest options from the various cloud platforms – whether AWS or Azure – and one who has supporting technology that works equally well across those.

If you want assurance that you’re getting as much value as possible from your AWS hosting arrangement, you shouldn’t settle for a provider who just hosts your cloud for you and expects you to buy additional consulting services to keep it monitored, maintained, and supported.

Thankfully, there are AWS cloud specialists who work seamlessly with you to understand your goals and challenges, and then suggest practical options which are relevant to your workloads as they evolve over time. 

It’s important to remember that you must always be aware of and aiming to increase your ROI by remaining aware of the options available to you with the cloud, and a great cloud partner will help you do that.

CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS)

Whatever your current hosting agreement, every cloud-based IT infrastructure will benefit from the addition of proactive support services powered by intelligent automation tools.

Our CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) is the ideal answer for you. Hosting your IT infrastructure with our CAMS Flex managed service will provide cost savings of 20%.

This is done using a sophisticated algorithm that finds the best performing environment between AWS and Azure, delivering significant cost reductions when compared with native pricing models.

CAMS reviews your cloud environment continuously, and then makes recommendations based on data from your specific workload to save you as much as possible. Equally available across Azure and AWS, CAMS is a fully bespoke solution tailored to meet your unique requirements. This will give you:

  • More predictable and manageable monthly costs
  • Time to focus on your software and innovation for your customers
  • Less drain on your time, manpower, and resources
  • Greater storage and data transfer allowances
  • Full confidence your hosting is bolstered with 24/7 proactive support.

Using CAMS Flex for your AWS hosting will also give you access to the benefits and advantages offered by CAMS Core. This comprehensive cloud management service is something no other hosting provider is able to offer.

The team at igroup have over 50+ years of cloud experience with AWS & Azure between them and it's good to be able to bolt that into your team and call on when needed. 


Managed AWS Hosting, Without the Headaches

When it comes to AWS hosting, it’s important you’re AWS hosting deployment is evolving as AWS evolves. This can range from simple things like being aware of new or retiring VM types or something more complex like spot instances and their cost/benefit analysis for your specific circumstances. 

In today’s market, it is possible to find a cost-effective solution that will still give you the stability, reliability, and consistency your cloud-based IT infrastructure needs. Managed AWS hosting services, when supported by the right partner, can add a whole new dimension to your cloud investment.


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