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Case Study: IPES – cloud solution for a custom business application

Our Client​

Ipes was founded in 1998 & pioneered a specialist approach to fund administration within the European Private Equity market. Their team of 260 people from 5 European Offices works with 188 clients and provides administration and depositary oversight to $158 billion assets for 368 funds. With an annual turnover in 2016 of £25.3 million. ​

Their Challenge​

Ipes had developed a custom business application, which they wanted to deploy to the Azure cloud. ​

Azure was a new platform for them, so they wanted to check all the settings & processes to set up their infrastructure correctly. ​

Timescales were tight for the project. ​

Being in the financial services sector, having robust security settings was a paramount concern for them. ​

Our Solution​

  • We conducted an extensive security audit​
  • We closely examined their Azure architecture​
  • We produced a list of issues & recommendations​
  • We worked closely with Ipes to ensure all recommendations were carried out & they achieved a robust Azure platform​

The benefit

  • Knowledge transfer – the company’s internal IT team gained confidence​
  • They built a secure & stable cloud platform & mitigated the security risks of a migration project ​
  • Availability – their bespoke software was available to clients straight away​

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