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Case Study: Adaptive

Reducing AWS costs and building reliability and resilience for their clients

Our client

Adaptive, are Drupal development and support specialists, working with a wide range of clients from large international companies and public sector organisations through to smaller start-up operations. Adaptive have specialised in Drupal since 2007 and are client-centric with a focus on providing the best advice and providing quality service. 


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The Challenge

All the websites developed by Adaptive use Drupal and are hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud which was selected because it was easy for the web development team to set up new servers and allocate resources whenever needed.


As the company has grown and the number of websites built and managed by Adaptive has increased, they have had to deal with a number of challenges which have affected business performance and their ability to deliver the best solution possible for clients.


  • Lack of resources - Adaptive does not have dedicated internal sysadmin resources. Up until recently the role has been carried out by a member of the existing team but because of their other responsibilities there have been times when they were not available or had to be taken off other projects to fix urgent client problems. In addition because the AWS infrastructure has been managed by just one person there is no holiday or illness cover.
  • Limited ongoing maintenance - Without dedicated sysadmin resources their client AWS instances have not been maintained regularly which has led to performance issues and avoidable downtime.
  • Spiralling cloud costs - AWS hosting is just one part of the service offered by Adaptive and without proactive management and control of the infrastructure client cloud costs are increasing when they should be coming down.

The Approach

Working with Adaptive, the team at igroup held a number of initial workshops to gain an understanding of the key business requirements, how problems were currently being managed and the future plans of the business.

Following these workshops, the team were able to identify the architecture and infrastructure needs of Adaptive as well as additional resources required to support client projects, provide ongoing support and management for the AWS infrastructure and also help reduce costs.

As part of the solution igroup proposed a range of services including:

  • An initial audit of the AWS environment and architecture
  • Patching the AWS infrastructure to reduce the number of problems that were affecting customer websites
  • Implementing igroup’s bespoke CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) for Adaptive’s own AWS infrastructure which added reporting and management tools to allow better resource management and cost control
  • Proactive fault management and resolution
  • On call AWS experts to support the inhouse team as required

The Results

By moving the management of their AWS infrastructure to igroup’s CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) Adaptive saw immediate benefits including:

  • A significant reduction in faults with client websites
  • Improved customer feedback and satisfaction
  • Freeing up internal resources to work on new projects.

Utilising CAMS from igroup, Adaptive have also reduced their AWS costs as igroup have identified under used or not needed resources and made recommendations and changes to the infrastructure as required. Using CAMS dashboards, igroup also implemented a range of cost control measures including scheduling and more effective resource management.

Developer days saved per month
Reduction in cloud costs in first three months
Realised reduction in staff costs

The Future

igroup is already working with Adaptive to improve performance and monitoring of their virtual machines which will provide them with a more detailed insight as to where issues might occur in the future as the infrastructure grows and allow them to predict and make changes before problems occur.

As part of their ongoing drive to improve the overall service levels they provide to customers, Adaptive are also planning to implement CAMS for all client websites. This unique functionality, only available through igroup, will give customers the ability to monitor the performance of their own websites as well as give direct access to first line support and problem resolution and reduce support enquiries to Adaptive - saving time and money.

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The Challenge

  • Customer websites going down for extended time periods
  • Lack of internal resources and experience to support customers
  • Reactive rather than proactive maintenance
  • Increasing cloud costs

The Solution

The Results

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Less client website downtime
  • Additional internal resources
  • Expert advice when required
  • Proactive cost control

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