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Case Study: Jayplas

Cloud migration improved financial management for Jayplas

Our client

Leading plastics recycler Jayplas operates eight recycling and recycled product manufacturing facilities across the UK. Each location specialises in a unique polymer type and process. The company continues to invest in its facilities and operations investing over £10 million in February 2020 in a new “state-of-the-art” plastic film sorting facility near Birmingham.

Established originally in 1975, today Jayplas processes approximately 250,000 tonnes of plastic waste per annum from domestic, retail, commercial and industrial markets, all of which is managed from their corporate headquarters in Corby.


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The Challenge

As Jayplas has grown they have recognised that to achieve greater business efficiency their business applications need to be delivered in the cloud so that everyone in the business is using the same system and utilising the same information.

One of the biggest challenges for the business in recent years has been to move their financial management and reporting systems to the cloud so that all business managers share the same information and benefit from economies of scale. In 2016, Jayplas decided that they would adopt Sage across all their business divisions.

Initially the plan was to host Sage on their own hardware at a single location and then all divisions could connect in as and when they needed to.

However it soon became apparent that there were a number of problems that this would create including:

Management and support - By hosting their own hardware the Jayplas IT team would have to manage the roll out of the Sage application, set up and configure the hardware, and provide day to day technical support for users.

Performance Management - As the business grew they would have to add more hardware and resources to their own infrastructure in order to maintain the performance of Sage.

Backup, resilience and security - Because Sage was going to be a critical business application across all their business operations the Jayplas team would have to ensure that regular backups were created; that there was an effective disaster recovery process in place; and that information was secure and could only be accessed by authorised users.

Having reviewed their business requirements, Jayplas decided that hosting the Sage application on their own internal infrastructure would be impractical. They would need additional staff resources who could manage the infrastructure and provide 24/7 support. In addition there would be significant hardware costs upgrading existing systems to host Sage which is why they opted to look at a cloud based solution.

The Approach

Having recognised the need to host Sage in the cloud, Jayplas called in cloud management and support specialists from igroup following a recommendation and asked them to help implement a new solution which would deliver the Sage application to all their different business units.

In order to understand the objectives and results Jayplas were expecting from moving to Sage in the cloud, the igroup team worked closely with the finance team to ensure that the initial specification was right. This included conducting a number of workshops as well as a full audit of their existing internal infrastructure that would have to be replicated during the move to the cloud.

Because Jayplas did not have an existing cloud infrastructure, the team at igroup were able to look at the different options available to them and recommended an integrated cloud infrastructure management and hosting solution based on the Microsoft Azure platform, using CAMS Compute.


CAMS Compute is part of the CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) family from igroup which provides an always-on cloud support and management solution to reduce costs and ensure optimum infrastructure performance as well as a high quality, flexible Azure cloud.

CAMS Compute was the ideal solution for Jayplas because it met all their requirements including:

  • Planning, setup and configuration - The igroup team would take full responsibility for the cloud so that Jayplas did not need to recruit IT support staff.
  • Performance and costs - CAMS Compute includes built in tools, processes and dashboards to ensure that resources are used efficiently and costs are kept down but still delivers the performance expected of a high quality cloud. In addition Jayplas would be able to access up to 5% discount on compute costs due to igroup’s relationship with Microsoft.
  • Resilience and backup - CAMS Compute provides a managed backup solution as well as 24/7 fault find and fix which maintains availability and ensures that, in the unlikely event of a failure, Jayplas will be back up and running very quickly.

The Results

By outsourcing the setup, support and management of their cloud to igroup and implementing CAMS Compute, Jayplas saw a number of benefits including:

  • Cost savings by not having to recruit their own IT cloud support team
  • Greater system and data security
  • A cloud infrastructure that could handle growth as Jayplas invested in their business
  • Access to cloud specialists who could use the information and resources from to continually improve the delivery of Sage in the cloud

The Future

igroup hold regular reviews with Jayplas and have recently begun working with them to plan the migration of other management information systems to the existing Azure cloud infrastructure.

Together, Jayplas and igroup have already recognised that there will be a need to manage resources more efficiently and from time to time compute demands will increase. By managing the cloud using CAMS Compute, igroup will be able to support the business closely and ensure that performance is maintained at all times.

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The Challenge

  • Lack of in-house skills to deliver a cloud infrastructure
  • To deliver a managed cloud solution that could be accessed from anywhere To ensure cloud performance
  • To manage cloud resilience, backup and disaster recovery

The Solution

  • Implementing Microsoft Azure cloud with CAMS Compute from igroup

The Results

  • Did not need to recruit internal resources
  • Performance and flexibility for growth
  • Cost management and access to compute cost discounts

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