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Everyone says they are different...CAMS is different !

Our CAMS technology is solely for our customers

Manage AWS and Azure with technology, not people. Most companies state they are certified partners, give good service, U.K. based but this doesn't tell you what they are like, how they work or if you will get what you need. 

We have all of the standard things you would expect but also CAMS which allows us to scale and automate the cloud support that you need for your cloud infrastructure. 

With CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS)  we have brought together performance and cost monitoring tools, support processes and general administration functions through a single portal to manage your cloud which includes:

  • Always on 24/7 support, fault find and auto-heal
  • Management monitoring and reporting dashboards
  • Proactive infrastructure optimisation
  • Tools and apps to enhance cloud performance
  • Discounts of up to 20% off your AWS or Azure list price
  • Technology-driven, but still a UK based team you can speak to any time

Since 2005, our team have been working alongside IT departments in companies from various industries across the UK. The majority of igroup’s team have been with us from the beginning and the resulting vast experience allows us to deliver a world-class service through technology, not people.  

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Manage AWS & Azure with technology not people


Do you need to:

  • Reduce costs and improve cloud performance for your organisation?
  • Deliver a fully managed and maintained cloud solution for your organisation/customers?
  • Improve application availability for your customers? 
  • Scale your cloud infrastructure without costs becoming untenable? 

Then speak to us or find out more about how CAMS can help

How CAMS meets your challenges:

Enhanced cloud management in AWS and Azure


Cloud cost optimisation

We've saved some customers over 40% on their monthly cloud spend


Uptime SLA 99.999% 

With our managed platform using Cams Compute or Cams Flex we guarantee uptime


Proactive 24/7 support

Infrastructure status
dashboards and support tools

Our certifications


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You're not going to get voicemail or a menu. Your email isn't going into the electronic abyss never to be seen again. At igroup Steve, Dan, Garry or Chris will be in touch within one working day. 

"Moving our Azure resources over to igroup was our main initial concern, but their skill and regular communication ensured the process went smoothly. Unlike other companies we've spoken to, we felt unrushed and that they fully understood our business specific concerns."
Tom Gullen
Founder, Scirra Ltd

Key Benefits

  • Save money on your AWS and Azure costs 
  • Stronger SLA's than AWS and Azure 
  • Inbuilt security and monitoring 
  • Plug and play, complement or outsource cloud management
  • The team has over 50 years of experience in AWS & Azure