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igroup work with organisations who want to automate management of AWS & Azure

We know cloud

At igroup, we work with a wide range of businesses across different industries with a wide range of goals for the cloud. We always try to understand your goals and then match this to the right cloud platform and help you get the best from it. 

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Steve Stringer, software architect at Oak Software

“igroup had the knowledge and expertise we needed and they were able to demonstrate how they would support our development team quickly and efficiently through their cloud management solution, CAMS.”

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AWS & Azure plug and play with igoup's CAMS software

Case study: inclarity

Managing existing Azure infrastructure to reduce costs and increase reliability.

A telecoms provider with a cloud based solution.

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Do you have an app?

We complement your existing skills by planning and supporting a reliable cloud solution that allows you to concentrate on your applications and customers adding value to your business. Finding the balance between cost and performance. 

Do you have an existing software solution in either AWS or Azure, but are you having problems?

Many of our customers have the following issues:

  • Outsource maintenance and support so I can focus on my software
  • They have lost or are losing customers due to performance/reliability/cost
  • Poor service from existing resource/provider

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Are you an MD, FD, CTO or IT team member?

We can work with you to help you get the best out of your cloud. We can complement your in-house team or provide managed hosting. If you are part of the technical team then we can support you and provide the technical depth you need as the cloud evolves. 

Does the following sound familiar:

  • Reduce costs and improve cloud performance for your organisation?
  • Deliver a fully managed and maintained cloud solution for your organisation/customers?
  • Improve application availability for your customers? 
  • Scale your cloud infrastructure without costs becoming untenable? 

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Case study: IMI Plc

Planning, architecting and delivering a global cloud infrastructure for IMI Plc.

A global business split into three divisions

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Case study: IMI Hydronic Engineering

Using a managed cloud based SharePoint solution can support customers and resellers around the globe.

A global manufacturer of hydronic distribution systems.

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Enterprise & Public Sector

We work with organisations of varying size including large public and corporate. We understand the unique challenges that large scale organisations have with implementing and maintaining the cloud:

  • Assigning and managing fixed budgets on a variable cost cloud model 
  • Visibility and management of resources against internal budgets
  • Change management as the cloud evolves 
  • On-going maintenance and security 

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“We were very impressed with the proposal from igroup because, rather than just talk about the issues, they were able to give real examples of the security, cost and performance benefits installing CAMS onto our Azure infrastructure would give us.”

Austin Furness
Chief technology officer, Peregrine Risk Management