SPLA Services Provider License Agreement

Taking the headache out of managing Microsoft Software licencing

Want to take the headache out of managing Microsoft Software licencing?  igroup is a Microsoft SPLA (Services Provider License Agreement) Partner for web hosting services and Cloud Control.


What is a Service Provider Licensing Agreement?

The Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) programme enables igroup to supply licenses for the latest eligible Microsoft software products to provide software services and hosted applications to end customers.

What do you get out of it?

We look after purchasing, allocation and management of your monthly Microsoft software licensing consumption model.

We can also offer a SPLA discount to Cloud Control customers who spend more than £2000 per month.


Why is it important?

By choosing igroup as your SPLA licence provider, igroup – not the end user – is the licensee on behalf of the client, the SPLA program reduces the complexity of offering software services and puts licensing and compliance in our hands, not yours.

Unlike purchasing directly from Microsoft, SPLA also provides you, the customer, the ability to purchase that licensing on a month by month basis avoiding yearly tie-ins.

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