SharePoint Specification Workshop

Thoughtful requirements deliver solutions you want at a fixed cost

Before development can commence on your project, a SharePoint Specification document must be created. The exercise will enable you to not only research each departments requirement but also analyse all cost and options to find the best fit for your business.

What is a specification?

The specification document is created off the back of an onsite technical workshop with your existing project team and a stakeholder, usually between one and five attendees.  The session is delivered by a technical specialist and typically takes a full working day. They will conduct a deep dive into your business to capture, document and help prioritise both the requirements and specifications of a project.

What do you get out of it?

You’ll receive a detailed report which can be used to develop and customise SharePoint to your desired solution.  The report will outline the scope of the project and cover

  • A clear summary of what your requirements are without the technical jargon.
  • A step by step of the proposed development.
  • Logical overall architecture e.g. farms, lists, etc and further breakdown of any subsites delivered as a set of wireframes.
  • Details of individual functions and features required across the business.
  • The configuration of smaller apps such as workflows or scripts which bring stability and structure to existing business processes.
  • Review any existing application which we can provide future support for, on your new platform.
  • Layers of security required to sit across the whole platform.

Why is it important?

Deploying a successful SharePoint intranet, Dynamics 365 CRM or Office 365 environment within a business entails a considerable number of tasks with many factors to consider, mitigating any risk that can disrupt a smooth deployment and user adoption.

  • Sets a clear expectation to both parties of the deliverables agreed with a detailed timeline.
  • It’s at this stage of the planning that you may consider choosing one or more of our AppFrameworks which could save on development costs.
  • You may already have an application which you’d like to migrate to your new environment or you no longer receive support from the original vendor. Our CodeWalk service is an optional part of the Specification service which igroup can use to onboard foreign software.
  • Applying your brand to the project. These technologies can represent core software throughout your business that all employees use and applying your brand can contribute to not only a consistent feel throughout your business but also build pride and culture.
  • Implementing your companies own security restrictions on top of ‘out-of-the-box’ restrictions.
  • Balancing accessibility against security to ensure user adoption and scalability of the system.
  • How the new architecture will be managed – do you need to minimise infrastructure management?
  • A clear timeline allows you to plan any internal data cleansing before the migration stage.

Next Steps

You may want a Proof of Concept to ensure the specification proposed, works for your business.  If a Proof of Concept isn’t required, proceed straight to Development.

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