SharePoint Roadmap workshop

If you know you need to improve areas of your business, but not sure how to tackle them, then a Roadmap workshop is probably your best option to start your SharePoint project planning.

What is a roadmap?

Our Roadmap service is a workshop delivered at the customer premises over the course of a day.  It’s designed for businesses who have a vision or goal they want to achieve and have identified a technology they want to use but are unable to break down stages of the project and provide enough detail for igroup to create a specification document and provide an accurate cost of the project(s).

What do you get out of it?

You’ll receive a report detailing how you can achieve your vision or goal with Microsoft technology, broken down into clear stages so the size of the project is realised.

  • Clarity of how your vision could be delivered with Microsoft solutions.
  • Challenges that need to be addressed such as user adoption.
  • Identify recurring problems within your business that can be addressed with a Microsoft solution.
  • Features or functions which are crucial to the business or could improve business workflows.
  • Assessment of what infrastructure/architecture is in place already and its state of health.
  • A clear picture of what would need migrating and what should be created as new.
  • A high-level review of the required business structure.
  • A clear path of steps required to achieve your business vision/goal and the relationships and dependencies across multiple projects and phases.

Why is it important?

Spending time creating a Roadmap will mitigate risk during future stages of your project and would provide a clear picture of what solutions are available, and what skills and resources are needed to achieve that (internal and external).

Next Steps

Once the Roadmap is completed, your business is ready to start the journey with a clear path in front of them and can confidently start to build a Specification or Development of their project.

Discounts would apply against the cost of a Roadmap Workshop if you continue further stages of your project with igroup.

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