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Our expert, UK based, SharePoint planning team will work with your business to ensure a comprehensive plan is created that maximises your efficiencies and return on investment.

A badly planned SharePoint environment can quickly become a problem for a business. By undertaking a comprehensive review of how you plan to use SharePoint you can address current issues with your legacy systems and ensure seamless integration of SharePoint with your business operations. igroup has years of experience working with SharePoint and deploying it across different organisations and we will support you throughout the planning process.

Our expert team will work with you to plan your SharePoint solution bringing with them the technical and practical knowledge to reduce development and deployment time and costs and maximise your return on investment.

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Let igroup help you plan your SharePoint deployment

Failure to plan SharePoint correctly can mean staff failing to adopt the system because they do not understand its capabilities, or it does not work sympathetically with the business. By correctly architecting a SharePoint solution it will deliver real business value allowing greater collaboration and increasing productivity.

Did You Know

IT interruption can significantly impact productivity.  83% of frontline staff say that reliable software is the biggest factor in their efficiency.

In order to achieve maximum benefit from SharePoint a deployment needs to be customised so that it covers all the areas of the business that are essential for the final delivery of the solution.

As a highly configurable platform, SharePoint can be integrated with your existing systems so these plans will be created in conjunction with all stakeholders so that it meets the organisational needs.

As one of the UK’s leading SharePoint specialists, igroup work closely with customers from the outset to ensure that solution is planned correctly. Over 15 years, our team have worked on hundreds of SharePoint solutions across multiple sectors.  This means that we have the expertise required to map out how SharePoint will work best with your business.

The igroup technical team lead the planning process to ensure that you understand how it will benefit your business, have a detailed specification of the environment, and know how it can be expanded in the longer term.

As part of the SharePoint planning process igroup experts will conduct a series of workshops and meetings with key stakeholders at all levels in order to:

  • Identify how the business works, roles and responsibilities and what information will be on the platform
  • Understand current collaboration practices, both internally and externally.
  • Identify current and legacy IT systems, how they are used by the business and how they can be used within SharePoint
  • Review the performance of existing business practices that may be integrated into the solution
  • Identify opportunities for future operational changes with the deployment of SharePoint

Working together to plan your SharePoint deployment will mean that when it comes to implementing the solution your business will quickly achieve maximum ROI.

SharePoint Planning Services

A well-organised SharePoint deployment allows your teams to manage data and collaborate more efficiently and effectively which improves productivity and profitability.

At the start of our engagement with you, igroup conduct a series of workshops that identify how your business works, where SharePoint can be used to streamline business operations and how it will work with your future plans. We will then plan out the final SharePoint specification for the project.

Did You Know

92% Satisfaction rate from existing customers

Working together through the planning process you will benefit from an efficient deployment of SharePoint across your organisation as well as a significant return on investment.

A Full Range of SharePoint Services

Established in 2005 igroup is one of the UK’s leading SharePoint specialists. Our fully qualified professional teams have worked with customers of all sizes from major multi-nationals through to small businesses. All of our work regardless of the organisation size has increased return on investment and improved overall business performance.

igroup has worked with all versions of SharePoint from 2003 onwards meaning that we have the experience and knowledge to identify and resolve issues quickly as well as advise customers on how to achieve best performance from SharePoint.

As specialists we provide a full range of SharePoint services including:

We have delivered SharePoint projects across a range of different market sectors including public sector, financial services, education and manufacturing. See our case studies for recent examples.

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