Help deciding which version of SharePoint is right for you

Our Microsoft Certified team will help you decide between SharePoint 2019 and Online to help you decide which is best for your needs.

SharePoint will greatly enhance collaboration by simplifying business processes, enhancing productivity and the sharing of information across your business. Depending on your specific needs, you can deploy SharePoint in several ways:

  • SharePoint Online hosted in Microsoft’s Cloud as part of Office 365
  • SharePoint 2019 hosted on virtual servers in Azure or AWS
  • SharePoint 2019 hosted locally on your own infrastructure
  • A hybrid of cloud and locally hosted application and data to maximise security

Our expert team will help your business decide between SharePoint Online vs on premise so that the solution selected meets both your current needs and objectives as well as future proofing your business.

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SharePoint online vs on premise. Which is best for your business?

Although they are the same system there are a number of differences between SharePoint on premise and online. Companies who are looking at the right solution for their business should compare the options and functionality carefully as selecting the wrong one in the planning phase could mean not streamlining their business operations and processes and maximising their return on investment.

Did You Know

Making the wrong decision between SharePoint Online and the on-premises version 2019 can increase your business costs and reduce ROI

A SharePoint on-premise deployment is stored locally on your business IT infrastructure. This will need to be maintained by an internal team but access can be strictly controlled to only users in your own organisation or those that you specifically allow access to.

Alternatively, SharePoint online, as the name suggests, is hosted in the cloud. It has been designed with companies who have multiple sites or remote workers that do not share infrastructure but need to be able to collaborate and share data.

Businesses will often struggle to decide which SharePoint environment is best for them or even if a hybrid version is required. As one of the UK’s leading SharePoint specialists igroup can guide your organisation through the decision-making process between online and on premises outlining the benefits and limitations of each deployment and how each will help you meet your business objectives.

At igroup our SharePoint specialists will work with your business to compare the online vs on premises environments including:

  • Cost – We consider all factors including number of users, amount of data etc.
  • Location – Where is it best to store your data? How sensitive is it or how quickly do you need access?
  • Maintenance – Do you have the internal skills required to carry out maintenance and upgrades?
  • Scalability – Will the amount of data you store continue to grow and how quickly?
  • Management – Do you have the right skills to support the deployment?
  • Infrastructure – Will your current infrastructure support SharePoint?

Our experts help you plan your deployment using the correct version of SharePoint for your needs.

Deciding between On-Premises or Online SharePoint Deployments

From the outset our SharePoint team will work closely with all your stakeholders to help you compare which deployment, either Online through Microsoft 365 or on premise using SharePoint 2019, is best for your business. Using igroup’s experience of deploying hundreds of SharePoint solutions across a range of markets and across companies of all sizes we will examine all the options to help you make the right decision.

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92% Satisfaction rate from existing customers

During the planning stage we help you compare SharePoint Online against SharePoint 2019 by following our step by step analysis of your businesses. The igroup team will then make recommendations based on the applications required and your business plans to outline the benefits and return on investment from each deployment type.

As industry leading experts igroup ensures that you deploy the right solution to support your processes and ensure SharePoint works in harmony with your business allowing staff to collaborate and increase productivity.

A Full Range of SharePoint Services

Established in 2005 igroup is one of the UK’s leading SharePoint specialists. Our fully qualified professional teams have worked with customers of all sizes from major multi-nationals  through to small businesses. All of our work regardless of the organisation size has increased return on investment and improved overall business performance.

igroup has worked with all versions of SharePoint from 2003 onwards meaning that we have the experience and knowledge to identify and resolve issues quickly as well as advise customers on how to achieve best performance from SharePoint.

As specialists we provide a full range of SharePoint services including:

We have delivered SharePoint projects across a range of different market sectors including public sector, financial services, education and manufacturing. See our case studies for recent examples.

For more information about how we can help your business use SharePoint more effectively, please contact a member of our team.

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