SharePoint Planning

Choose a SharePoint partner that you can rely on who can stay with you throughout the life of the platform.

SharePoint, Office 365 – the game changer

Since the launch of Office 365 and integration of SharePoint into Microsoft’s Office 365 Business suite pricing, SharePoint has become a lot more appealing to smaller businesses who need or are thinking about planning a SharePoint project and already have Office 365 and exchange in place or a large business which hasn’t had the resources to implement an intranet.

However, there’s a world of difference knowing you need an intranet compared to knowing what software features and apps your business will benefit from.

The allure of latest version being accessible and ‘easy to set up’ has drawn in a number of businesses, who’ve eventually come unstuck either because of the deceiving configuration wizard that promises results but falls short of the mark or the sheer size and complexity of settings and security implications of getting it wrong.

If you know you need to improve areas of your business, but not sure how to tackle it, we’re here to help.

Expert team

Our team doesn’t focus on pushing software features – they spend time finding out what problems you’re trying to solve, matching your requirements to software features.

You’ll receive details on how you can achieve your goal with Microsoft technology, broken down into clear stages so the size of the project is realised.

The exercise will mitigate risk during future stages of your project and provides a clear picture of what skills and resources are needed to achieve that – both internal and external.

No pressure

There’s no commitment or pressure to continue. If you choose to continue, our team will work with you based on your results so you don’t run into the common pitfalls.

Once the size of the project has been discussed internally and an ideal timeline has been put together, we can look to provisionally book the work into the teams’ diary however far ahead that needs to be.

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