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Benefits of SharePoint Online but On-Premises and under your control.

Our On-Premise SharePoint Expertise?

If you’re looking for the functionality of SharePoint Online but are unable to migrate to SharePoint Online for business reasons or due to investments made to your existing SharePoint On-Premise installation, SharePoint 2016 may be the solution for you.

The improvements and functionality Microsoft rollout to the cloud are also rolled into their On-Premise software, and SharePoint 2016 is no different.

With our SharePoint Expertise and more than 15 years’ experience working with all versions of the platform, you can continue to use the On-Premise Only features such as server-side customisations, public website and integrations while also benefiting from the SharePoint Online features such as Durable Links, Mobile Experience, App Launcher and Modern Sites/Experience in order to have the best of both worlds and even allow a many number of hybrid integrations/options in the event you want to move some sites or functionality to the cloud.

On-Premise or Online?

Three instances when you should use SharePoint On-Premise

Example one: For some companies, it’s critical to ensure their data is safe. They may even have to achieve certain security levels because of compliance or legal requirements.  To achieve this, the only option could be to host the data on their own premises.

Based upon our SharePoint Expertise, the most common examples of this are businesses interacting with financial and HR data – basically sensitive information.   But they’re not the only reasons you might need to choose the On-Premise version of SharePoint.

Example two: If your business has been a long time SharePoint advocate already, you could be using customised applications which are, for the most part, not supported by the online environment.  When this situation arises, you need to look at on-premise supported by the right level of SharePoint Expertise from an established partner.

Example three: If you’re hosting your own business website in SharePoint, then you’re probably already on on-premise.  This option provides more control over your site such as site availability, updates, patches and general maintenance but is not supported at all.


There are a few things to consider before you choose on-premise.

There are cost implications whichever route you take.  If you choose on-premise, you will need to invest in hardware for SharePoint Hosting unless you outsource to a Microsoft partner.

That also means maintenance costs either through a third party or investing in employees to manage that if you don’t have that resource now.


Choosing SharePoint 2016 offers the ability to stay On-Premise, whilst benefiting from the Office 365 features and integrations.

Office 365 integration allows users to access files from their OneDrive within the sites and libraries in SharePoint.

If you’re working from the office you’re not reliant on an internet connection either. You’re also in control of when you upgrade or install patches to SharePoint.

With our Expertise in integrating SharePoint with Azure, You can also benefit from a Hybrid Cloud Search experience.  If you search within Office 365, the results take the On-Premises SharePoint Search Index into account and generate results from both. It is only a one-way system at the moment.

For more information, or to benefit from our 15 years of SharePoint expertise on both on-premise and cloud, please contact us.

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