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The allure of affordable SharePoint

Since the launch of Office 365 and integration of SharePoint into Microsoft’s Office 365 Business suite pricing, SharePoint has become a lot more appealing to businesses of all sizes, small to enterprise, who need or are thinking about an intranet and already have Office 365 and exchange in place.

It’s now pitched as easy to set up and user-friendly which has drawn in many businesses. But unfortunately, the reality is that despite the significant improvements, the platform still requires knowledge of the O365 suite and the technical ability to implement anything clever with it – and it’s the clever stuff that makes SharePoint so appealing and provides the most benefits to businesses.


Favourite features

The Office 365 suite includes SharePoint online and has plenty of new and improved features to benefit from once upgraded.  Here are a few of our favourites:

The new app, Flow, is our top favourite – designed to create and manage workflows between almost 200 software applications-both Microsoft and third parties. It offers a simple, code-free interface with a variety of templates to whet your appetite.

You can now leverage the Power BI charts and dashboards integrated into SharePoint pages to deliver metrics and KPI’s.

Choosing the online version means you only pay for what you need, and you remove your businesses infrastructure headaches and cost to maintain. Your subscription runs from month to month meaning you can scale your users as needed.

Best integration features

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