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Trust us – we’ve been developing, deploying and managing SharePoint projects for over ten years as a Microsoft Gold Partner

Execute excellence

Smooth deployments rely heavily on thorough planning.  It may be very tempting to rush planning, architecture and even design, but in almost all instances, the outcome is fraught with problems, failing to maximise features and hampering adoption. Choosing a Microsoft Partner for SharePoint management of your project mitigates those risks.

Experience and planning are key.

Once a deployment is complete, you’re then left with three types of job that are often overlooked:

  • Security, user additions and permissions, and general maintenance
  • Support and user adoption
  • Planning for further development

Maintenance of a system that has been installed and configured by a third party entails a learning curve for your IT department so it’s easy to miss vital updates and changes in settings etc.

Support and training are one of the most overlooked areas of any internal project involving any software and interface rollouts.

Investing time and effort in this area ensures the initial investment of the project is worthwhile.

Capturing feedback, good and bad, as it occurs when you roll out anything new within a company and then reviewing at a later to feed into a further development plan, is again crucial to continued adoption making users feel heard and involved.

Wealth of experience

By using igroup, a Microsoft Certified SharePoint management company, you gain from the wealth of experience across ten years of projects with customer large and small.

We’ll assign a dedicated member of staff to manage the project, ensuring you can plan for elements you might not have considered.

Our deployment service is designed to enable a smooth delivery of a SharePoint farm within Azure or a client’s own infrastructure and is carried out by a Microsoft Certified professional.

We also offer

  • fully managed hosting service based in the UK or Europe, performing daily backups, updates and patching.
  • SharePoint Support via one, two, or three-year contracts, via phone, email, or the support portal. Our technical team keep up to date with the latest changes in SharePoint by siting regular technical assessments and exams.
  • Further development through OOTB configuration, which offers the versatility to make smaller changes as you need, to keep your environment fresh, up to date and supported.

Why igroup – communication is key

Choosing a SharePoint Management partner that can provide hosting, development and support allows your business to hit the ground running at every change stage of your project.

Your assigned account manager will be well versed about your account history, current project and future goals.

Our support team of Microsoft Certified specialists are all based within the UK and have extensive knowledge of all versions of SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint online.

Communication is key at all stages of your project delivery.  igroup’s processes are structured to include regular updates to keep the project on track.  Our UK based team are on hand from initial requirements gathering through detailed QA, and deployment to safeguard the process.

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