What is an Intranet?

With increased remote working and a need for staff to have access to information at all times, an intranet is an essential tool for modern business.

Not long ago, an intranet may have been a simple library where training information and expenses forms were stored.  Not any more.  As businesses adopt remote working, it is increasingly important to provide staff with a central hub for collaboration.  A modern intranet serves your business goals as a store of essential information and acts as a backbone for automation, reporting, and process management that will make your team more effective wherever they are working.

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What can an intranet do for you?

Successful businesses are adaptable, efficient and rely on being able to maximise the productivity of their staff.

Giving your team the ability to collaborate on projects wherever they are in the world and providing them with instant access to the tools and information they need helps to nurture success.

Did You Know

According to Prescient, only 31% of employees use intranets regularly if they do not offer functionality beyond basic content.

A SharePoint intranet can be integrated with the full Microsoft 365 suite to serve as a collaboration platform for Word, Excel and PowerPoint and combine this collaboration with access to other business tools like Sage or CRM.

An intranet can centralise and standardise best practice workflows within your business so that all staff benefit from the knowledge of their peers, and thanks to the ability to integrate Power BI and other reporting tools, an intranet can also help management to get a more accurate view of processes at all levels of the business and make more informed decisions.

A modern SharePoint intranet is more than just a document library, it is a better way of doing business.

What are the benefits of an intranet?

An intranet can integrate all your business systems in one place.  This means that it creates a two-way stream of information that benefits all staff and improves effectiveness.

Did You Know

92% Satisfaction rate from existing customers

Improved Internal Communication

With an intranet you can create department and whole company information portals, meaning that information can be shared and discussed in real time.  This means that staff are better informed and can also feedback and help to shape the company.

Improved Access to Information

An intranet allows you to standardise information across all areas of your business.  This means more consistent levels of staff knowledge as well as creating a “single truth” by avoiding multiple versions of documents or training processes.  This helps you scale more effectively.

Better Decision Making

Centralised data about staff and productivity means that management can make more informed decisions and provide better feedback to staff about performance.  Business Information systems allow instant access to reporting across all integrated software and workflows.

igroup can help your business create a bespoke intranet

igroup is one of the UK’s leading SharePoint specialists.  Since 2005 we have worked with businesses of all sizes to help them become more effective with the right technology for their needs.

What makes us different is our approach.  We work in tandem with stakeholders throughout your business to understand your goals and build cost effective solutions that help you achieve them.

We are SharePoint specialists, having built Intranets for more than 200 companies of all sizes while providing ongoing support and hosting.

Our consultative approach from a UK based team of fully certified Microsoft specialists gives our clients total coincidence in working with us at all stages of SharePoint adoption.

From initial consultancy about needs through to planning, developmenthosting and support, we are with you at every step of your digital transformation.

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