Microsoft SharePoint Intranet

  • Improve information flow for better collaboration
  • Enable flexible remote working
  • Engage and inform your teams

igroup SharePoint Intranet services

A SharePoint Intranet helps improve the flow of information through your organisation and facilitates better collaboration to improve business efficiency. As experts in SharePoint igroup will plan, develop and implement an Intranet for your business which will:

  • Automate and streamline business processes
  • Reduce the risk of data loss
  • Provide a centralised location for data and improve overall management
  • Reduce IT support costs

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Simplifying the Intranet development process

Our agile SharePoint Intranet development process allows us to build in phases so that as your business changes the Intranet solution can evolve with your needs.


igroup consultants review your needs to create a full specification for your SharePoint Intranet that considers the requirements of your different teams and budgets.


We will configure SharePoint to meet the specification using built in functionality to create a more stable Intranet and simplifying future support requirements.

Launch and training

By conducting extensive testing during the development process igroup deliver an Intranet solution that is simple for your internal team to run.  We provide your team with a complete set of documentation and training if required.

Ongoing support

The igroup support team is available when you need them to apply fixes and software patches to ensure the stability and security of your Intranet as well as allow you to take advantage of new features as they are released.

Features and benefits

Intranet features

igroup can provide extensions that deliver a range of features through your SharePoint Intranet including:

  • Bespoke company and team news feeds
  • Centralised document libraries for training and admin materials
  • Integration with HR systems
  • Integration with productivity software
  • Integration with accounts or time management software

Our approach to developing your SharePoint intranet considers the needs you have today whilst recognising that those needs will evolve over time.  As a result, we provide you with a platform that can be reviewed in the future to add the extra features you need as your business grows.

Intranet benefits

A SharePoint Intranet can transform the flow of information through your business. It delivers multiple benefits including:

  • Simplifying onboarding new employees by making training materials available universally
  • Reducing email and meetings because information is available throughout your organisation
  • Encourage skill development through improved knowledge sharing

As a central store of company information, your Intranet ensures staff always have access to up to date documents that help them work more effectively whether they are office based or working remotely anywhere in the world.

Why work with igroup

Working with igroup to build your new SharePoint Intranet means access to one of the UK’s leading SharePoint specialists:

  • More than 10 year’s experience of all versions of SharePoint
  • Fully UK based team for support
  • Fully managed development and testing process
  • Microsoft Gold Partner

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