SharePoint Intranet Development

With our custom intranet, you can improve information flow in your business for better collaboration.

Key Benefits of SharePoint Intranet Development from igroup

With more than 10 years’ experience in developing SharePoint Intranets, our specialist team bring a full range of skills to deliver your project successfully:

  • Consultative development process to tailor outcomes to your business needs
  • More than 10 years of experience in all versions of SharePoint Server and Online
  • Certified Microsoft Gold Partners for SharePoint
  • Fully UK based development team
  • Comprehensive ongoing technical support available

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Remote Working Enabled by SharePoint

In situations where a more flexible approach to work is required, remote collaboration can be enabled with a SharePoint Intranet.

Staff can have access to all company information wherever they are, and with Office 365 support, it is possible to review information, arrange meetings using Microsoft Teams, and edit documents in a browser.  This means that your teams can work from wherever they are.

A key part of our approach to Intranet Development is to understand the scenarios that your team work through and to provide a solution that is tailored to them.

Whether you need a basic configuration that can simply enable remote working in the short term, or want to build a more complex solution that can be used throughout your business to help it grow, our team can help.

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Did you know?

According to a study by McKinsey, an Intranet can improve staff productivity by up to 25% through better access to information and increased social communication.

The use of SharePoint to provide intranet functionality offers multiple benefits to organisations thanks to the flexibility of the platform coupled with its close integration into the rest of the Microsoft Office 365 suite.  A SharePoint intranet can help improve the flow of information through a business and facilitate much better collaboration to drive business efficiency.

igroup have more than 10 years’ experience in planning, developing and implementing internal communication platforms for a huge variety of organisations from small businesses through to multi-national enterprises with highly complex needs.

In building an internal portal for an organisation, igroup work closely with stakeholders throughout the business to ensure that it meets the needs of the whole organisation.

Benefits of an Intranet

A well-designed intranet can transform the flow of information through a business, but in order to reach its potential, it’s essential that the needs of the business are properly understood.  When properly implemented, a SharePoint intranet delivers multiple benefits in terms of efficiency and communication including:

  • Simplifying the process of onboarding new employees by making training materials available universally
  • Reducing email and meetings due to information being made available throughout an organisation
  • Encouraging skill development within a business through improved knowledge sharing

As a central store of company information, your Intranet will ensure that staff always have access to up to date documents that help them work more effectively.

Features of a SharePoint Intranet

The integration of SharePoint with other applications in Office 365 makes it possible to extend its functionality as an Intranet and deliver multiple features that benefit staff and simplify internal communication.

Depending on the specific functionality required by your team, igroup can provide a range of extensions that deliver individual features.  Typical features of an intranet include:

  • Company and team news feeds to keep staff up to date with developments in the business
  • Centralised document libraries of training and admin materials to ensure consistency and that any documents are up to date
  • Integration with HR systems to handle holiday booking, absence management and structured training
  • Integration with productivity software to aid in collaboration across departments
  • Integration with accounts or time management software to handle purchases and billing services

Our approach to developing your SharePoint intranet considers the needs you have today whilst recognising that those needs will evolve over time.  As a result, we provide you with a platform that can be reviewed in the future to add the extra features you need as your business grows.

Simplifying the Intranet Development Process

Creating an intranet for your business will typically involve several stages as your needs are documented and a comprehensive roadmap is created.  Our agile approach to SharePoint development allows us to build in phases so that as your business moves forward the solution can mature to support your changing needs.

Phase 1:  Planning

During the planning phase, our consultants will review your needs to create a full specification for your SharePoint Intranet that considers the requirements of your different teams and budgets.

Phase 2: Development

From our specification, our team will work to configure SharePoint to meet those needs.  Our fully project managed approach avoids bespoke development in favour of in-built functionality.  This means that your Intranet is more stable and simplifies the support process.

Phase 3: Launch and Training

Our goal is to provide your organisation with a highly functional intranet solution.  Thanks to extensive testing during the development process coupled with rigorous QA, we aim to deliver a solution that’s simple for your internal team to run.  We provide you with full documentation to make working with your new SharePoint Intranet straightforward and offer training when required.

Phase 4: Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing SharePoint technical support to ensure that your Intranet continues to work well over time as well as to add extra functionality, if required.  Our experienced support team are available when you need them to apply fixes and software patches to ensure stability and security or allow you to take advantage of new features as they are released.

Integrating SharePoint With Your Business Processes

As part of the Office 365 Productivity Suite, SharePoint serves as a document management solution where all important company information can be stored.  With version control features and the ability for staff to collaborate on projects in real time, the software can help to improve efficiency and enable more effective remote working practices.

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

For collaborative working, Microsoft Teams combines with SharePoint to allow staff to communicate through voice and video and real time chat.

Using Teams as a complement to your SharePoint Intranet offers a truly seamless experience for staff to help them work more closely wherever they are based.

More Information

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