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  • Range of SharePoint Hosting solutions to meet your needs
  • Access to years of expertise and knowledge
  • Greater security and platform stability

igroup SharePoint hosting services

For any business that wants to achieve the maximum benefit from SharePoint how your server farm is hosted and configured is very important. At igroup we offer a range of customised SharePoint hosting solutions which will help your teams collaborate more effectively and improve performance.

Working with our SharePoint technical consultants we specify, plan and configure the SharePoint hosting solution that is right for your business and gives you:

  • A stable, high performing environment for the storage and sharing of data
  • Greater security with correctly configured controls and access rights
  • A scalable solution which will grow with your business

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Choosing the right hosting solution for SharePoint

There are multiple factors which will influence the final SharePoint solution recommended by the igroup team including:

  • The amount of data there is now and how much will be created by your business
  • The number of users accessing your SharePoint and where they are
  • What you are using SharePoint for now and what plans you have in the future

Once this information has been gathered we will present the right hosting option for your business – on-premise, cloud hosted or hybrid.

Cloud Hosting

Migrating your SharePoint deployment to a cloud hosting environment such as Azure or AWS.


  • Flexibility to grow and upscale as required
  • Only using resources required
  • Built in backup and recovery
  • Uptime SLAs


  • Makes currently owned IT infrastructure redundant
  • Training and skills not available in your own IT team

Hybrid Hosting

Combining cloud environments for applications and local servers for data is an alternative to full virtualisation


  • Can help meet compliance requirements where legal restrictions apply
  • Control over how data is stored
  • Reliable Application hosting


  • Reliant on local hardware
  • Higher support requirements to manage separate environments
  • Potential latency issues

On-Premise Hosting

The traditional model of hosting your SharePoint farm on physical servers in a datacentre.


  • You have total control
  • Full access management


  • Responsibility for hardware maintenance
  • Additional license costs
  • Your own IT support team will need the knowledge and expertise to support it
  • You will not have access to all the features of SharePoint Online

Why work with igroup

igroup have extensive experience in creating efficient cloud hosting environments for SharePoint. Our SharePoint hosting solutions will ensure that your deployment is designed to meet your business objectives.

  • Years of expertise and knowledge in SharePoint hosting
  • A fully Microsoft certified consultancy team
  • A range of support services to meet your budget and resource requirements available 24/7
  • Regular consultant reviews and recommendation reports
  • 999% uptime SLAs as standard

By working with us you benefit from our technical experience and commitment to helping your business achieve your goals successfully:

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