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We provide services that let you use SharePoint to improve productivity, increase collaboration and make your business run more efficiently

Key Benefits of igroup’s Approach

With more than 10 years’ experience in tailoring SharePoint to the different needs of businesses, igroup’s specialist team have the technical expertise required to deliver your project successfully:

  • 10 years experience in Development for SharePoint Server and Online
  • Highly specialist Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Fully UK based development team
  • Consultative development process to tailor outcomes to your business needs
  • Comprehensive ongoing technical support available

To find out more about how igroup’s SharePoint developers can help you improve productivity, please contact a member of our team today on 0203 697 0302 or fill in your details below and we will call you back.

How Our SharePoint Developers Can Meet Your Needs

As part of the Microsoft Office suite, SharePoint offers much more than just document management.  Configurable to improve productivity, increase collaboration and help make your business run more efficiently, SharePoint is an essential part of the digital transformation of modern business.  Our SharePoint development team have extensive experience in creating bespoke solutions that bring the platform in line with your specific needs and build adoption throughout organisations.

Did You Know

AWS and Azure pricing can change every month affecting your monthly billing.  By choosing igroup, your pricing is capped for the duration of your 1, 2 or 3-year contract, eliminating spikes in your billing.

Our approach to SharePoint development involves working closely with our clients to help them realise their objectives in an efficient manner.  Whether your business wants to improve communication with an intranet or increase accountability using workflows and document approval systems, our team can help.

Experienced SharePoint Developers Working Directly with You

Understanding your needs as a customer is essential to the success of any project our SharePoint developers undertake.  This means working closely with you to establish the goals of the project and then agreeing a plan for delivery that is structured to achieve these goals.

When you work with igroup, you benefit from working directly with fully certified technical specialists rather than having to go through an additional management layer.  As a result, your feedback on the project specification is available to the developers immediately, allowing them to adapt to your needs whilst keeping the project on track and within budget.

SharePoint Projects

The flexibility of SharePoint and its close integration with other Microsoft Services means that it is used as the basis for multiple different purposes within modern businesses.  Our team of highly experienced SharePoint Developers have experience in working with our clients to configure the platform for these different functions.

SharePoint Intranets

If your goal is to improve the flow of information within your organisation or to improve training and processes, SharePoint Intranets offer a range of features with flexible functionality.  Our SharePoint Developers can extend functionality to make managing internal communication much simpler and help foster a more effective workplace.

SharePoint Document Management

Ensuring quality and accuracy in documentation is a key requirement of modern business practice.  SharePoint’s base functionality as a document platform can be configured to meet the specific needs of your organisation.  Our SharePoint developers can create the approval processes, distribution workflows and version control systems that create a full document management system that will improve the way in which information is controlled and provided to clients.

Configuration and Extension Vs Custom Code

Where possible, basing customisation of SharePoint on inbuilt functionality rather than developing custom code for applications is beneficial.  Custom code – written specifically for your application can cause compatibility issues during updates of the platform and may lead to performance overheads that require additional resource.

Our SharePoint developers’ approach to projects is to achieve your goals with SharePoint’s own systems.  This means you benefit from a more stable system which doesn’t compromise on either functionality or compatibility with other elements of the Microsoft Office suite and which is more flexible in future.

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