Want to push the boundaries of SharePoint?

Our Microsoft Certified team will work with you to develop a SharePoint intranet that increases productivity and collaboration across your business.

Tailoring your platform

SharePoint offers extensive functionality “out of the box”, but it isn’t always easy to find and configure the vast array of features. That’s when you need SharePoint development and customisation.

Tailoring the platform takes experience, and most internal IT departments may have some knowledge of this, but it’s inevitably limited.

Some companies choose the freelancer option and frequently find themselves either incurring further costs after the project has finished, bringing another developer up to speed or even worse, left in the lurch when they move on.

Another common issue choosing a freelancer to manage the project is that they have allowed the solution to be “over” developed, resulting in unsupported changes and larger costs in the future when upgrading or performance impacts.

That’s why it’s important to choose a development partner that you can rely on who can stay with you throughout the life of the platform.

Decade of experience

The team at igroup have more than a decade of experience in building applications that streamline business process and provide better management information.

Over the years, we’ve created many applications and self-contained add-on’s which are tested on all platforms and versions that customers can rely upon for their key business processes.

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager, ensuring your project is successful and your business maximises the benefits of using a Microsoft intranet.

Our team of Microsoft Certified specialists will walk you through an initial discovery to identify needs, and provide detailed planning documents, managing the entire project for you.

We can take your reoccurring internal processes from each department, such a new starter in the business, and help you streamline the series of events that need to occur across the whole business within your SharePoint platform.

Tried and tested

igroup has innovated “ignitionTM” our own project delivery method.  We create a full and detailed specification, with key features prioritised in the development path.  During development sprints, we provide regular project updates to keep you informed about progress.

With hundreds of successful SharePoint projects completed and many long-standing relationships with our customers, we’re confident we can deliver a tailored and fully branding intranet that streamlines your business processes and improves communication and collaboration.

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