Pushing the boundaries

Re-usable components for custom software applications.

Sometimes, out-of-the-box just isn’t enough.

App frameworks are reusable components which igroup have developed to be used within the ‘development service’ to provide an extended baseline functionality to keep costs down but can also be continually built upon.  SharePoint Custom Code speeds up your project development.

Upon receiving your project specification, first, we try to configure SharePoint core software’s “Out of The Box functionality if this is not possible we will search our frameworks library for existing code frameworks. If a code framework is not available, we build the application to your specification using custom code.

Out-of-the-box or custom code?

Customised for your business

When software is created, it’s designed with the majority in mind.  Inevitably, you’ll have a business process or need that can only be achieved with customisation.

  • The code is fully customisable to your line of business needs
  • The code is fully tested and supported by igroup
  • Framework code is more resilient to changes and updates to the core architecture of SharePoint
  • Reduces your project costs and saves time

Examples of SharePoint frameworks we have developed:

  • Meeting room booking portal
  • Custom branding & forms
  • Responsive templates
  • News-reel applications and tickers
  • Mega menus
  • Quick launch pop out menu
  • SharePoint project management module
  • Holiday booking area
  • Image slider
  • World clocks
  • User-friendly filters

Why igroup

Why try and reinvent the wheel?  The tools we’ve created at igroup have been refined over many years and are still being used today in many environments.  By choosing a mature solution ensures that you’ll receive the ongoing support and regular updates you need to stay in control of your infrastructure and costs.

We’ll also look after the code for you as part of your support contract through our Application Management service – the process of managing the operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrading of an application throughout its lifecycle.

Our consultancy and development process is organised to deliver projects that meet clear commercial goals and provide ongoing benefits for our clients. Phone 0203 697 0302 or fill in the form.

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