Custom App Frameworks

Proven pre-built templates to speed development and reduce project and ongoing support costs

We speed up your SharePoint application development by using SharePoint Custom Apps. Upon receiving your project specification, first, we try to configure SharePoint core software’s “Out of The Box functionality if this is not possible we will search our frameworks library for existing code frameworks. If a code framework is not available, we build the application to your specification using custom code.

What are App Frameworks?

App frameworks are reusable components which igroup have developed which can be used within the development service in order to provide baseline functionality which can be extended instead of re-developed to meet the customer’s specification. Use of the frameworks means that development costs and time can be reduced for the customer.

What do you get out of it?

Why try and reinvent the wheel?  The tools we’ve created at igroup have been refined over many years and are still being used today in many environments.  By choosing a mature solution ensures that you’ll receive the ongoing support and regular updates you need to stay in control of your infrastructure and costs.

  • The code is fully customisable to your line of business needs
  • The code is fully tested and supported by igroup
  • Framework code is more resilient to changes and updates to the core architecture of SharePoint
  • Reduces your project costs and saves time

Next Steps

You may want a Customer Care Package to deliver continued support or book in further development of the system to fulfil future phases.

Next Steps

Once the Roadmap is completed, your business is ready to start the journey with a clear path in front of them and can confidently start to build a Specification or Development of their project.

Discounts would apply against the cost of a Roadmap Workshop if you continue further stages of your project with igroup.

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