SharePoint Support Over Christmas

14th December 2015

It’s that time of year when most people are looking forward to taking a few days off to spend with friends and family.  Throughout the country, most businesses will be operating on a skeleton staff over the holiday period, and that can cause a lot of issues if something goes wrong in the IT department.

With fewer qualified staff on hand to deal with IT issues, small errors can soon snowball into more major infrastructure problems that can impact on business during the busy period in January when people return to work and business typically picks up.

Despite Christmas being less than two weeks away, there’s still time to put protection in place to ensure that your business is not harmed by any outages over the festive season.

Here’s our quick guide to what you can do, and what you should put in your plans for 2016 to ensure that any surprises that you get at Christmas are nice ones.

Choose a Support Company that is Always Available

Not all IT support companies offer 24/7 / 365 support – that means if you have a problem that falls outside office hours, it may be days before you get resolution.  That’s not great for business critical systems.  At igroup we offer a range of SharePoint and Azure support packages that include full time SharePoint support if you need it.

Test and Get a Health Check

SharePoint is a complex part of your business systems, and in many organisations, custom code and add-on applications can cause issues to arise – especially at the end of the year or other major calendar events.  A thorough Health Check of SharePoint carried out at the right time, can eliminate many common errors before they arise.  Speak to one of our team to discuss your options.

Cloud Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure offers automated back up and recovery, so if your site goes down, you might not even be affected due.  With our Cloud Control extension to Azure, it’s even better, with SLA guarantees around up-time and automated resource management to ensure that you don’t get a nasty surprise with higher than expected billing during peak times like the return to work in January.

Did you know, we typically save our clients 40% on their Azure bills through our Cloud Control software.  Talk to one of our team about how it works and how it can be deployed for your organisation.

We work with large businesses with complex requirements where up-time and reliability are essential.  Clients like Transport for Greater Manchester rely on SharePoint to manage all aspects of their customer and internal information flow, and igroup are a key part of that delivery process.

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