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Customer Care with a difference

Our ‘Customer Care Packages’ are designed for businesses of every size.

Do you really need SharePoint support?

As a business owner, to answer that question, you must ask yourself, do you

  1. Believe in the value of the system you’ve paid or currently paying for?
  2. Value your employee’s time?

If you answer yes to either of these (and really, you should say yes to both,) but you don’t have some sort of support mechanism in place, then you could be losing value from your investment and creating stumbling blocks for your workforce.  In today’s world, software from Microsoft is updated on a monthly basis with new features and functionality.  That’s when our SharePoint Support service comes into its own.

How do you choose a good SharePoint support service?

There are a few things we’d recommend to look out for when selecting the right SharePoint partner. If ongoing support for your SharePoint project hasn’t been mentioned during the sales phase, then alarm bells should be going off.  Companies that aren’t asking how you plan to maintain your project aren’t there for the long haul and may not have your best interests in mind. Not asking for feedback during the support process is another sign – but how do you know if they collect feedback if you’re not a paying customer yet?  Easy, ask.  Businesses offering a good service will be collecting feedback to help them continually improve that service and they’ll be more than happy to shout about it. Skill levels of the support team is another key factor to consistently good support, but again, it’s hard to assess especially prior to onboarding. If a salesperson only talks about one support person, or you spot they have a high turnover of staff, these are generally warning signs pointing to inconsistent support. You should ask about lead times on ticket responses, SLA’s and request customer references.

Choosing the right model

We understand providing support for platforms, infrastructure and applications must be on your terms to suit your needs and that’s why we offer six levels of support contracts to choose from along with a PAYG model. Our team of Microsoft Certified specialists are all based within the UK and have extensive knowledge of all versions of SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint online, providing support through phone, email, Skype and via an online portal.

Customer Care SharePoint Support Contracts

We’ve designed our ‘Customer Care support packages’ in a way that supports businesses of every size, no matter how small or large your business is. There are six packages to choose from with varying response times and training options available.  We can also provide weekly reports with a detailed level of business intelligence and statements including alerts when your credit is low.


Our ‘Pay As You Go SharePoint Support’ credits are a versatile and quick way to get started with our support services and offer lots of flexibility to engage with us without a long-term commitment. PAYG works best when an IT department already has experts in-house who need further support on an ad-hoc basis.

Proud of what we do

Whether you need help from our SharePoint support team for a specific issue, overall application management or a health assessment on your current SharePoint platform, igroup’s range of services and customer care support packages give you the freedom to choose the right level of support you require as fast as you need it. The SharePoint team at igroup have been managing SharePoint platforms since 2007. It’s because of this experience that we’re able to take immense pride in the fact that we have such long lasting relationships with our customers. We are also completely transparent about our pricing structure across the services and support packages we offer. Your appointed project manager will talk you through the options available, explain the value, and help you select a detailed package that fits your exact need. That’s why customers always come back to igroup after engaging with other providers.

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