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Cloud Consultancy

Consultancy services

Our cloud consultants provide expert support to your business throughout the process of planning, migrating and managing your infrastructure in the cloud. By choosing to work with igroup's cloud consultants you benefit from:

  • A UK based AWS & Azure certified consultancy team
  • Years of knowledge working with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Working with a team who will take the time to understand your business and objectives
  • AWS & Azure experience with clients of all sizes in a variety of market sectors
  • Our approach includes the use of our CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) An approach that ensures cloud infrastructure is delivered efficiently, on-time and on-budget

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Find out more

Cloud consultancy experts

How we work

We provide cloud consulting services to companies who are planning the first stages of a cloud deployment through to those with existing systems in place who want to take advantage of new services and expand on their existing usage.

igroup enhance cloud deployments with our CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) software that improve platform management to increase stability and reduce subscription costs.

Our four stage engagement process ensures that your cloud environment is deployed efficiently with the minimum of business disruption.

Fact finding and discovery

igroup’s technical experts will work through a rigorous planning phase with you where we will build up a full picture of your requirements including:

  • Application review
  • Data storage requirements
  • Security and user access
  • Future objectives and business plans
  • Resources and timescales

Ongoing support

As an igroup client you benefit from ongoing consultant support to ensure AWS meets your expectations and objectives including:

  • Regular reviews
  • Updating / patching your cloud infrastructure
  • Security and performance maintenance
All of our cloud services are underpinned by our CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) software which allows us to deliver a wide range of services through automation.

Deployment and migration

The consultancy services team will ensure that your solution is secure, maintains business continuity and the deployment into the cloud platform is carried out to best practice.

This includes:

  • Developing a migration plan
  • Setting security policies
  • Selecting the migration strategy
  • Running test migrations
  • Making initial performance improvements

Management and optimisation

Our consultants know that over time your requirements change which can impact your subscription costs.  Our management helps control usage.

Our (CAMS) software delivers:

  • Regular monitoring and reviews of resource usage
  • Configuring cost management tools and reporting
  • Resource level recommendations
  • Detailed consumption reporting
  • Risk logging 

How can AWS Cloud and Azure Cloud meet your needs?

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure offers organisations the ability to quickly plan, configure and deploy complex infrastructure, to host applications and store data in the cloud. You can build a customised environment that changes with your business needs.

AWS and Azure are scalable and secure and can:

  • Replicate existing legacy infrastructure
  • Be used to develop a new and improved platform

As a partner for both Amazon and Microsoft igroup ensures you get the maximum ROI from you cloud deployment and have the infrastructure which will support your immediate and long-term business objectives.

Fully certified Amazon Consulting Partner

Fully certified Microsoft Gold Partner

UK based teams

Expertise in all company sizes and industries

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Why work with igroup

Working with igroup on your cloud environment means that we ensure all your requirements are covered including:

  • Architecture flexibility to account for future business changes
  • Additional security requirements in addition to out-of-the box solutions
  • On going management and support
  • How budgets may affect your available options

All of our cloud services are underpinned by our CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) software which allows us to deliver a wide range of services through automation.

AWS Certified Partner
Microsoft Azure Gold Partner

igroup – reducing cloud costs and improving performance


We understand the challenges your business faces. Your cloud infrastructure is at the heart of your business which is why we have developed the CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) which delivers a complete performance and support package for your business.

With igroup and CAMS as part of your team, we deliver an always-on cloud management solution which ensures infrastructure performance, reduces costs and is ready to meet your future challenges. CAMS brings together all the functions, processes and features you need from a cloud support relationship proactively supporting your business with no additional cost.

  • Proactive not reactive support
  • Automated cost and performance optimisation
  • 24 / 7 from day one
  • Live dashboards for up to the second performance updates
  • Azure and AWS certified teams
  • Guaranteed cost savings and performance improvements
  • Unrivalled expertise and knowledge

Companies we have helped

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"Moving our Azure resources over to igroup was our main initial concern, but their skill and regular communication ensured the process went smoothly. Unlike other companies we've spoken to, we felt unrushed and that they fully understood our business specific concerns."

Tom Gullen
Founder, Scirra Ltd

“We were very impressed with the proposal from igroup because, rather than just talk about the issues, they were able to give real examples of the security, cost and performance benefits installing CAMS onto our Azure infrastructure would give us.”

Austin Furness
Chief technology officer, Peregrine Risk Management

“igroup had the knowledge and expertise we needed and they were able to demonstrate how they would support our development team quickly and efficiently through their cloud management solution, CAMS.”

“Working with igroup has helped us to ensure that as we grow our infrastructure is supported fully and can deliver the results our customers expect.“

Steve Stringer
Software Architect at Oak Software