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Thoughtful development for Azure, SharePoint, Dynamics & MS 365 using our ignition methodolgy

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£0 Total Company Debt
61 Minutes of Downtime in 2016
10+ Years of Experience

What is Development?

Development of your applications creates a tailored approach to overcome your business challenges, addressing the needs of each department within your business.

Why choose igroup for your development?

  • Our bespoke software creates efficiency within your business processes, saving time and creating value
  • Our technical team check all downline dependencies and harness a huge host of third party APIs to ensure seamless usability
  • Mashups – We can create hybrid solutions of prefab code modules and custom built applications to save you time and development costs
  • Unify and mobilise your digital workforce to gain competitive advantage
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"The service that igroup provided was second to none. They really listened to our requirements and delivered a project that was both on time and within budget"

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