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CRM Starter Kit

Thoughtful frameworks and pre built apps to brand and provide functionality to SharePoint to reduce costs and complexity

Why choose us

> 31% Average Company Growth
436 Managed VMs In Azure
2176GB Azure Memory

What is a CRM starter kit?

We speed up your CRM application development by using code frameworks. Upon receiving your project specification, first we try to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM core software’s “out of the box functionality, if this is not possible we will search our frameworks library for existing code frameworks. If a code framework is not available, we build the application to your specification using custom code.

Why choose a CRM starter kit?

  • The code is fully customisable to your line of business needs
  • The code is fully tested and supported by igroup
  • Framework code is more resilient to changes and updates to the core architecture of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Reduces your project costs and saves time


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"The service that igroup provided was second to none. They really listened to our requirements and delivered a project that was both on time and within budget"

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