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What is our code walk service?

A review of bespoke source code for an existing solution with the specific aim of addressing an operational problem (e.g. performance or cloud compatibility).

Why use our code walk service?

You may already have bespoke code as part of your SharePoint environment or Azure estate Migration projects, new software launch or software updates can disrupt existing code that previously was working perfectly. Our Code Walk service is a sanity check of your own code, to ensure that it will work properly and continue to do what it is supposed to, even after migrations or software patches. It is very common to work with third party development companies to develop software code, it is difficult for non-experts to know the quality of this code, and whether it will work in particular environments. This service delivers complete peace of mind, even when you don’t have expert coders in house.

We can also work with you to check new code that you wish to deploy into your existing infrastructure. This service is useful to ensure that your software will perform as expected before your code is used in a “live” environment. This feature is particularly useful for deployments that are customer facing (direct to your clients, like a SharePoint website) or when there are added security considerations.

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