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Why Does Scirra Love CAMS Cloud Hosting?

Wanting a move from their current provider Rackspace, Scirra, a software company based in London, have signed with igroup to take over their Azure hosting with CAMS.

Although the official start date was May 22nd, igroup allowed Scirra to test drive the CAMS product to showcase its massive potential in saving the company a lot of money whilst providing a superior service. What’s not to love about saving around 50 percent of their previous monthly bill for managed service and hosting?

CAMS delivers high quality, flexible cloud hosting on either AWS or Azure environments. It guarantees significant discounts, additional storage and data transfer allowances as standard.

Thomas Gullen founder of Scirra commented, “Since we were first introduced to igroup, they have been fantastic in the process of onboarding us on to CAMS. Moving our Azure resources over to them was our main initial concern but their skill and regular communication ensured that the process went smoothly and without concern. Unlike other companies we have spoken to, we felt unrushed, and they fully understood our business-specific concerns.”

For more information on our new product CAMS Flex or to find out more ways we can help you, book a test drive.