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The Pros and Cons of Choosing an Azure Support Plan from Microsoft

If you’re in need of an Azure support plan, there are several options available to choose from.

Of course, Microsoft does offer some free Azure support for its cloud customers. However, beneath the surface, this provides little more than just the basics.

This mostly comes in the form of online resources like forums, wikis, documentation, and contact with a (usually very busy) help desk.

In this article, we compare the pros and cons of relying on Microsoft for Azure support, to help you understand whether it’s the best option for your own cloud deployments. We hope this will help you answer the question, what is the best Azure support plan for your business?


The Pros

  • You can access in-depth documentation and online resources
  • 24-hour support is available on Azure support plans
  • You’ll receive fast responses to your enquiries or tickets
  • They have extensive man-power and technical capabilities to leverage
  • They have intimate knowledge of their Azure cloud platform and ecosystem
  • Any changes or updates to the platform won’t be a problem.


The Cons

  • You’ll have to sit in a long queue every time you contact them
  • You’ll deal with a different rep each time
  • They’ll only offer impersonal service, not specific to your unique issue or enquiry
  • They’ll have very little knowledge of your specific business or cloud infrastructure challenges
  • The support available is limited to the common ground between all their customers and by the azure support plan you are on
  • If you do take on a more substantial support package, the cost will be extremely high.


The Verdict

It’s no secret that Microsoft is a huge global organisation with hundreds of thousands of cloud customers.

If you’re relying on a global tech giant like Microsoft to handle all your cloud support, you’ll leave your business exposed to a high level of risk. Furthermore, sooner or later, you’ll begin to face a number of challenges with both cloud performance and over-spending.

We’d recommend exploring your options further to find a more personal, attentive, and cost-effective approach to cloud support.

To learn more about the options available for Azure support, their pros and cons, and guidance on which is the best choice for your business, read our related article here.