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Steve Rastall, MD of igroup Leading a Masterclass on Remote Working

Master class

This month saw the IOD Spring Social networking event being held online via Zoom, when eight mentors held remote masterclasses on a variety of current business issues.

Steve Rastall, MD of igroup, shared his expertise on remote working, a topic never far from the news.

The unfortunate spread of Covid-19 forced many employees to work remotely. However, a permanent shift in working patterns could now result with companies being forced to embrace remote working, due to their employees not wanting to return to the office once the restrictions are lifted.

The IOD Masterclasses provide an exclusive and truly inspirational experience to meet with senior local business leaders and hear about their Leadership Journeys. 

Attendees heard about the challenges the business leaders have faced on their journey and how they overcame them, as well as their successes. They shared the decisions they had to make, what drove them, and what they had learned.

“A positive is that networking has become easier, as it can plug in to the end of the working day online. Hopefully, we helped people understand why our remote working model is so strong.” Steve Rastall