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iGroup To Hit the Slopes- It’s All Down Hill From Here!

Alps skiing

As a recognition for their dedication and commitment, the igroup team have been offered the chance to spend a long weekend in the Alps.

The trip is based on achieving our 2020 goals and it is looking very promising so far as quarter one has been achieved after only two months, proving igroup’s growth is stronger than ever!

The benefit to a fully planned incentive trip means that all ski equipment, ski passes and transfers are included within the trip, therefore everything is hassle-free and everyone can simply enjoy the experience.

Along side fun on the slopes, the team will be able to take a break from the physical activities to explore the surrounding towns, to experience more of the local culture.

Team building exercises are essential at igroup and have helped us develop a productive, happy team. The team dynamics are enhanced in a less formal setting and these improvements naturally translate back into the workplace afterwards.

 A variety of research shows that although a cash bonus is an attractive reward, travel tops the list. Cash is easily spent, but a holiday provides an amazing experience and memories that last. Plus, in some cases, employees can’t afford an adventurous or exotic holiday, so an all-inclusive trip that they haven’t had to pay for is something they will strive towards and long to achieve.

Dan Jones, Sales Development Representative commented, “Steve is always providing incentives for his team and new ways to keep motivation levels and morale high. Our latest sales team incentive is a skiing holiday in December, provided we hit our Sales Team target by then. This keeps us all working as a team and striving to hit targets throughout the whole year.”