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Igroup publishes report on school ICT opportunities

Igroup has published a white paper outlining ICT opportunities in schools

igroup ltd has published a white paper examining the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in schools and areas in which opportunities are present.

‘School ICT Opportunities for Office 365’ looks at the need for students to be prepared for a working environment and areas in which schools can potentially improve. It suggests that outdated and underdeveloped software designed for use in schools is no longer necessarily the best option available.

The report argues that providing students with access to technology that is used in the workplace is an essential consideration for schools, but must be recognised against a backdrop of constrained IT budgets. It goes on to note that Microsoft offers a no-cost solution for schools to deploy Office applications along with SharePoint on a cloud basis and suggests that schools should consider switching to a web application model.

Managing Director of igroup Steve Rastall said, “Preparing students for life in the workplace and keeping costs within budget are priorities for all schools. Microsoft offers a clear opportunity to help schools achieve both of these goals.”

School ICT Opportunities for Office 365 also discusses potential benefits that can be delivered in communication between schools and the home, familiarising students with collaboration software platforms and including parents in the collaboration approach.

Download School ICT Opportunities for Office 365.