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Igroup has published research into Local Government IT Efficiency

igroup ltd, a fast growing UK-based AWS & Azure partner, has published a white paper investigating the adoption of new IT technologies by local government in the UK.

The report notes that despite national government initiatives to adopt cloud services throughout the country to improve communication and operational efficiency, there are a number of areas where adoption can be improved.


The report cites key areas such as the following as being key to improving he use of IT services within local government, and provides information about how steps can be taken in order to address these issues.

  • Adoption of teleconferencing
  • Increased take up of cloud services
  • Retirement of obsolete technical equipment

Managing Director of igroup Steve Rastall said, “Businesses recognise that the security and flexibility of cloud solutions are a key driver in better managing IT costs, and that these services, when deployed correctly, can lead to major improvements in productivity.  With the austerity pressures on local government, stronger investment in technology provides a means to reducing costs and improving value for end users.”

The Local Government IT paper is available to download using the following link.

March 2014 – Improving IT Efficiency for Local Government

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